Habitat Savannah

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

After trying to sleep I couldn’t sleep. I realized that there was so much to tell you about this place. Everything here is so interesting right down from the people to the animals and even the things.

The people are so much fun to observe in their social habitat that I sometimes find myself just standing In one corner and seeing it as a video documentary unfold. Maybe I should invite the National Geographic people over to the savannah or should it be the Habitat for Humanity people (they even have an office here).

Let me tell you about one of the first deals I made when I got here.

Kpakpo, on my way to work on the very first day, I saw this exceptionally good shoe maker. His shoes were good and when I asked how much they cost he saw me dressed and priced according to my dress so I went to work and came back, changed into my track suit and trainers (on my way to the basketball court) and passed by again. This time the prices had been slashed by half.

So I made a deal with him to give me one shoe every month for as long as I was in this town and then I paid for all the shoes he will make till the end of the year in 5months time. Kpakpo you should see the guy’s face. It was obvious nobody had made him such a deal before and he was perplexed. I also assured him that if he made good on his word, I will get my friends to also make their shoes from him and expand his market.

Within two weeks of this deal I had my first shoes made and I was happy to walk in them. Like a child with a new toy I threw all the shoes I had brought from Hustle City into a shoe bin and started a new life. Walking in them was fun little did I know I will have to learn to run in them.

When rain clouds set in Hustle City, we just take out our umbrellas and go about our normal business like it is just another vagary of the weather. Oh Kpakpo! Let rain clouds form in the savannah and it is then that your realize everyone’s craziness. Motorbike riders are in a hurry to get home, taxi drivers are ambushed by passengers as they wait outside the regular car station to get on the taxis and people basically want not only to get shelter but to get home before the clouds let off their load.

In this case I will have to learn to run in my new shoes as expected by here I am walking calmly home in the rain and the people look at me like as for me I am strange. Sometimes it is very scary and you will think that more accidents and deaths will be caused by the stampede to get home but luckily nothing happens.

These are the human beings Kpakpo and as for the animals, they are really interesting. When I was living in Kobrimago, there was this particular goat who (I feel the goat has a human spirit) usually lay in the middle of the road. When a car was approaching, it lifted its head to see if it was a saloon car or a four wheel drive.

If it was a saloon car, the goat moved to the side of the road and after the car had passed, moved back to its spot in the road. If the car was a four wheel drive, the goat just tucked its head in and just lay there for the car to pass over it.

Kpakpo I swear! When I told this story to or friend who has the Right To Play, he didn’t believe me until one day he dropped me off with his Matrix and the goat moved. Luckily we were taking a walk some other day and one of your cousin’s office vehicles was heading to the house. Our street goat just lay there and got passed over. Our mutual friend just couldn’t say anything with his mouth wide open.

It is only in this savannah that you can walk up to a sheep or a goat and pet it like a dog. Oh Yes! The animals just stand there looking at you.

Our big man friend the engineer- writer who has also gone to the land of Amala also brought his children to test this theory and they were pleasantly surprised to find it true.

Animals here surprisingly have a long life span unlike those in Hustle City. As for those animals it is as if they know that any occasion can come up and they will be called upon to give the vote of thanks singing from the soup or stew.

They therefore run away at the slightest sound of humans and human existence.

I spent some time in the livestock market talking about rearing animals for sale with some of the sellers and they had interesting revelations. The government is supposed to subsidize but all the subsidies are taken over by some unscrupulous ‘big men’ who push out the small scale farmers.

Now that I am talking about livestock I know since I am here you expect me to talk about Gyeeda and SADA and the akomfem that have flown to Burkina Faso. Kpakpo I will not.

All I know is that we are now trying to sort out a youth initiative to source for funds to buy nets so that we can go and recapture those akomfem that have escaped.

Guess the name of the company in charge of operations;

Duna Farms.

I don’t know whether the Duna is limited or unlimited. But please don’t ask me.

Oh Kpakpo don’t laugh. On that note let me end here and I will continue later.

Hope that daughter of Eve you are harboring is kept happy all the time.

Your cousin in law

Savannah Boy


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