Savannah Accessibility

Dear NIi Kpakpo,

Savannah Town is so much fun staying here when I think of the easy access to everything as compared to Hustle City. Oh! I hear they are increasing your utility tariffs all over and in some parts of Hustle City the people have never seen water run through their taps. Meanwhile, in this savannah town, I take a shower every morning and seriously we don’t feel the increases in anything.

That reminds me. Why is it that I buy a bundle for my Chinese palm gadget that puts the world at my finger tips and it lasts 3 hours in Hustle City meanwhile the same bundle last me 3weeks with downloads in savannah town. Eish! You people are dying paa oh.

Every musical program or movie premier or concert or show in savannah town costs as much as 5 Ghana. The most expensive will not go beyond 20 Ghana and that is usually the shows by the famous Joy station Whyte motivator’s popular show. It has the people like me mostly the JJCs rushing like mad because it’s cheaper as compared to Hustle City. 

Why would I attend a show for over a million of our old bucks and not be able to have as much fun as my money’s worth.

So Nii Kpakpo another thing I am happy I run away from is the traffic.

My God!

Traffic in Hustle City can drain the very life force out of you. The last time I visited I was so dumbfounded. I thought you guys were building more roads and repairing spoilt ones. Honestly I think your Bearded Mayor and his colleagues should concentrate on improving the existent side roads so that if you don’t have anything to do on the main road you avoid it.

Furthermore it is obvious that although there are more roads, there are more cars. Did I hear the oga at the motor licensing authority say that   there are more cars in town now than the roads and that we should do what our neighbors are doing and ration the number of cars on the road? From rationing electricity now we are going to ration cars on the roads in Hustle City?

What a calamitey! That sure reminds me of your co-idiot’s voice. Yes the one who is popular with children.

Here in the morning I don’t have to wake up at 4am and start worrying about how to heat water because of the cold and if I have enough prepaid electricity for even the kettle for tea. I don’t have even to panic out of bed for oversleeping because I’m going to spend a few more hours in the traffic.

What is it with Hustle City that the time you wake up is invariably proportional to the number of hours it takes you to get from home to work?

Kpakpo, I work 25 minutes from home on traffic free roads. I wake up at 4.30am according to your cousin’s dictates (when I have slept at 3am oh) and we communicate with our Maker then maybe oh, if she’s in the mood we go back to bed for ‘sore ko ajuma’ (local name for early morning sex) or she takes her shower and starts preparing for work. Either way, I will go back to sleep anyway. Work na my papa own?

However I see her off, come back to shower and I still get to the office by 8.30am.

Kpakpo eiiiiii! Where less will you get a living like that?

As for the office politics, I won’t tell you about it because as an older cute friend of the Mau Mau revolution advised me, company secrets are best kept in the company of your head.

Sometimes to prolong my journey and enjoy the view (I told you I love studying the people) I just walk leisurely to the taxi station and observe the savannah people go about their morning routine. I walk by 3 public toilets and interestingly although you might occasionally see someone run past you with a hand on his arse to save it from falling, there are no queues. I still haven’t seen one since I ‘tubaed’ here.

Then I can also decide to divide the journey into two legs so that I can compare the inner savannah to the outer savannah villages. Once upon a time I saw a school boy on a horse, with a mate on a bicycle besides him on one side, and on the other side another mate walked and he had a soccer ball. It was a Friday and boy was dressed in his school uniform and soccer boots.

First thing that came to mind was my nephews and nieces in Accra riding in air-conditioned cars to school, were going to write the very same exams with this trio. Was it a disadvantage or an unfair advantage? Hustle City pays more fees I believe.

Kpakpo remember when we were children we used to bath by the gutters standing totally naked with our willies swinging free. Did our willies really swing?

 In some areas of the savannah they have some stagnant water and it’s interesting for me to stop by and watch the children jump into to water from the bridge (if it’s available) and when they get out of the water just hop into their school uniforms and scuttle off to school happily.

They usually do it again when the sun is up and its savannah hot like it’s reputed to be. What a life!

Half the time, I wonder what it would have been like growing up like them. Carefree and living in free range like livestock.

Another food for thought, Nii Kpakpo as I sign off on this one.


Your cousin in law

Savannah Boy


One thought on “Savannah Accessibility

  1. hmmmm…we should make the savannah the capital den or like game of thrones let dem be their own country..hahhahahahaha . dem no dey care

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