Savannah Technology

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Up in the savannah I do not listen to the radio just as I didn’t when I was in Hustle City. However the difference was that in Hustle City I did not have a choice because whatever trotro or taxi that will take me anywhere in the morning had the radio tuned in to a station discussing politricks at full blast. Here it is just very few of them and they can even turn if off on request.

The radio in my house hardly gets listened to in the mornings. Yes, your cousin bought a radio because we became interested in the renditions of the RnB songs in the local dialect. Oh yes! They are pretty good and if you don’t have a good ear you won’t even know the difference. Once I listened to a station the whole night play me Zogbeli cools.

Oh! Suffice me to say that it kept me awake but not because of the music but because I am now the President of the League of Extraordinary Insomniacs.

At every midnight there is a post on that Mark Zee’s platform and league members report in to sign a Time In sheet. Most usually don’t sign a Time Out because it is assumed truly that they are there till we hear the seven muezzins in my community call the faithful to worship.

Did I tell you they are my alarm clocks?  They work like clockwork. Hmm. Alarm clocks and clock work. Don’t the English have a name for that? Well, Nii Kpakpo, let’s leave that for the Queen and her new great grandson to figure out.

So the radio in my house in the savannah has since been retired since Steve Jobs died and your cousin decided to buy one of his fruits. She bought a flat fruit and she usually uses it to play gospel music to put her to sleep and wake her up. Oh! She uses it at every available function to be the new Director and co Producer of her own new movie and camera production.

When I saw it at first I thought it was only her till I was invited to an ‘awure’ (marriage ceremony). Papa Nii, come and see the way people brought out their apples, you should hear the soundless cries of Sam’s songs and the most interesting of all was the little Chinese gadgets that just whirred away sending live pictures of what was up (whatsapp) at the function.

Techno logic has come to stay and here in the savannah, nine out of every ten people use a brand of version of the little gadget. Whilst I was in Hustle City, I went to the office several times but never did see the slant eyes behind in the back office. In the savannah, they are walking all over the office in their ‘chale wotes’ and chewing gum like the indigenes chew the goro (kola nuts). They have blended into the community so much that the only thing that differentiates them from those beggars from Chad (they are here in the savannah too oh) is that they go in and out of the air-conditioned offices like they own the place.

Kpakpo! I will make this a very short one and I will continue when I can. Your cousin has travelled to see your uncle and the loneliness is making me not think straight.

Being in this bed alone is going to be like that day when in high school I went behind the palm fronds under the big coconut tree and the housemaster caught me watching those videos through the palm fronds.

I am glad he never told my father or else I would have been disowned.

My nutty fruity thoughts are just running wild so let me just try to be.


Your cousin in law

Savannah Boy



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