Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Remember when we used to write letters for our seniors in high school because of our fine handwriting? The letters usually went something like this: The brightness of this day has given me the opportunity to write you this missive from the bottom of my heart.

It is with great pleasure that I send these words your way, blah blah blah.

The moonlight of this night has presented me with the opportunity to write you this letter.

Today as I walked through town, all I could think of was to find stuff to tell you about. But there are so many things to tell you about the savannah that I wouldn’t know where to start. I have already told you plenty already that has to do with my experiences as I gallivant in this savannah region.

Today we started disaster management seminars in the office and the response was good. There was a presentation on the formation of Disaster Volunteer Groups in the various communities and their importance as the first line when it comes to disaster management under social mobilization. We were made to realize that disaster management is not only about giving relief items etc but also about education and mobilizing society to prevent man made or caused disasters as much as possible.

Yours truly also presented on climate change and natural disasters such as flooding and water disasters. It became imperative during the seminar that it is important that the various government organizations and all stakeholders come together to forestall any disasters. There is the need for assessment and monitoring disaster prone areas and liaising with other organizations especially law enforcement for all to be aware of what happens when disasters happen.

The seminar will go on the whole of this week and from the way it is going, it was a good idea to have this seminar and I commend my coordinator for this initiative.

Nii Kpakpo, living up here in the savannah has not been quite easy. It is a lonesome life but gradually having built a friend base, the support system is starting to form. It is always true what they say that you know who your true friends are when you get into crisis. I daresay that it is important for a person to go through hardships to realize who their true friends are.

I have made some very interesting potpourri (brofo) of friends whilst I have been here. People see me in town and they consider me a newcomer in town because when I talk, I say I relocated in May and that has just been a few months. What they don’t know is that I have been coming here intermittently since 2001 so I know the terrain quite well.

Moreover being a social researcher has helped because I have studied the society and know how to blend in and move about without being too conspicuous as an outsider. Maybe I should get a Muslim name like Farouk or Abdul and my transition will be complete.

Kpakpo, you know as for boys boys they will always sort you out one way or the other no two ways. The boys boys have been helpful in getting through some scrapes. It is rather interesting that whilst I was in Hustle City I didn’t get into such scrapes mostly because your aunty, mommy, was there to sort me out, always asking if I needed one thing or the other. That woman is an amazing woman, like most of the women in my life and I thank God for her life.

This is a place where you ask for a lift and the person will take you, a total stranger, wherever you are going before they set their course on their own way. So imagine me standing at the roadside wanting a lift and usually ii get a lift on the back of a motorcycle especially if the person is going your way. It’s a pretty nice system that you won’t get in the Hustle City mostly because of mistrust and wickedness.

You might end up giving your killers a lift and if you are lucky they just rob you of your car and valuables and spare your life or if you resist, they maim you. It is not advisable to do good in Hustle City because there are too many tricksters and con artists in the system preying on the goodness of people’s hearts to do wicked deeds.

Anyway Kpakpo, this letter is a short one and for your information, I have taken a long indefinite leave off social media. In recent days, I have let some people get to me with their narrow-mindedness and these are people who hide behind computer personalities to just cast aspersions. I noticed rather that most of these people were not the same in real life.

It is true social media is addictive (oh yes I admit I am an addict) and I will miss it but thankfully, I won’t be on social media for a while because I lost that little Chinese android gadget that puts the world in my palm to your cousin. She took it and with the goofy wit that runs through your family, just switched all the passwords on the gadget so now I have no access to any part of it.

I had intended to sneak and use it when she was sleeping at night but alas, it is not to be.

When I told folk I was going to stay off social media they didn’t take me serious but now they are realizing that I really am and my phone has started beeping constantly. I have even gone for an old Nokia phone with no internet access.

I have given my internet modem out to some high school student who needs it more than I do right now.

So Kpakpo, I can only be reached by phone and via my email. It is the only thing I can still check quite frequently.

Until next time, you take care.

Your cousin in law,

Savannah Boy.



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