Savannah Boy in Hustle City

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

i have found myself in the Hustle City for almost a week and ebei! life here has not changed that much. if anything at all, it is even harder now to live in the city especially if you want to be a responsible adult.

how do you guys manage?

whilst in the savannah, we heard that the utility tariffs have been increased and trust me, we do not feel it that much there just as transport fuels due to petroleum hikes but down here my prepaid meter is now crying for fodder – electricity units.

as a good friend of mine posted on Facebook wall today
“…100cds used to buy 499 units of electricity, now same amount buys 306 units. If I want 499units I’ll have to pay a difference of 79cds. And the service is still bad!! Armed robbery!!”
– Majel Aidoo

Nii Kpakpo, the traffic situation has not improved and if anything i am walking around with a stuffed nose because you know i am allergic to dust. furthermore, it is only in this city that your air has scent.

are you guys recreating the air in Shakespeare’s Macbeth? ‘fair and foul and foul is fair’ and our people the Gas will say ‘air is foul and foul is fuuuhn!” reminds me of the korle lagoon huh?

Nii Kpakpo, i am in the city to chase some monies due to and to my gross frustration, even my claim forms are lost in the system. i am supposed to fill in new forms. meanwhile the officer supposed to go look for the forms is busy playing zuma on her office computer. what work ethic.
i love the savannah because instead of going to the office to play zuma, we would rather sit at home and watch television or sleep.

moving around has become not only difficult but expensive so inasmuch as i miss people in this city, they live too far away from me for me to go look for them. the man hours spent in the city traffic will just kill my vim to get to see them.

but it’s all good Nii Kpakpo. let me just get my stuff done and rush back into the loving arms of your sister cos i miss her so much.
too much stuff going on in the city to wrap my head around and i don’t want to have headaches. people like you are doing stuff to create awareness and i pray that you guys keep it up with the writing and using all the resources available to you.

this letter is written from the center of activity in the city so i will end here.

till next time.

your ‘frustrated’ cousin
Savannah Boy

i’m so frustrated i couldn’t even type caps


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