Savannah Chronicles

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I am back to the savannah after spending over a week in Accra. As for the stories I have to tell about Accra, they will surely fill an encyclopedia on urban city living.

Accra has always been fraught with frustration and the bureaucracy is so frigging annoying I don’t want to get into it. I went to my former place of work to check on some money due me and we could not even find the forms that I had put in. later when we found the forms, under layers of drawers and in some tattered file I was told that it would further take about a month to process since three signatories had to endorse whatever cheque was issued to me.

Then I asked what was prevented them for sending the forms to the signatories NOW since they were in their air-conditioned offices only to be told that they were probably busy. What abject nonsense! Without checking on them you tell me they are busy and as if signing my cheque was not part of their duty.

Well I had to calm down and be glad that at least the process had begun after they had already delayed it for 4months.

Nii Kpakpo, what is this I hear about our favorite school Oreilly. Their land was taken away and GES had to relocate them and then a whole lot of brouhaha. But finally a philanthropist good Samaritan presented them with land and even went ahead to build them a few classroom blocks.

Then at the commissioning he made statements that have come to be referred to as #NunuSaint.

He said that every Tom Dick and Harry is embarking on strike and that if we the citizens can’t make sacrifices for the nation then we should pack out and leave the country.

This I hear earned him the well deserved title of ‘Toonoo of the Week’ on the Weekend City Show of your bald cousin and friends.

Well honestly Kpakpo, I don’t know what was going on in the man’s head when he said that because I know you know that some of us have opted to stay in this land of our birth by fair or foul and even you went on a stint in South Africa and decided to come back to help build our nation.

Every Tom’s Dick is Hairy indeed! #Nonsense

Nii Kpakpo, I am back in the savannah but not after I had passed some time under the Ofankor overhead. Chale! The air that passes under the overhead is a welcome relief from the hot air that pervades the whole city of Accra. Now I understand why folk just take a break there and then just go to sleep.

The city is so choked my friend and people still leave here every day for Hustle City because they assume there is a better life there. Just yesterday I saw two truckloads of girls packed on the back of a truck heading out in the midst of goats and sheep.

Kpakpo, since you are not replying to my letters I have gone into collaboration with another friend of mine in Obamaland and she writes on Reflections of life. So she writes to me and I reply on the cultural practices and systems of both our societies. In essence Reflections meets Chronicles and thus far it has been fun for both of us.

I am back at post and there is so much going on here. My first order of business after I got here was to go report myself to the beans joint to greet the old lady who gave me her usual toothless smile of welcome and asked in Dagbani if I had traveled for a while. I could only nod a yes.

Recently, the prepaid meters have been introduced here and the people are already complaining about the rate at which the units are running like rabbits into burrows upon seeing an eagle. Very soon, there will be demonstrations up here and I won’t be surprised.

Now that the president says that even ministers should pay for their own electricity it means things will take a dramatic turn in every part of the country. But we will wait and see what happens.

Kpakpo I have to rush into a meeting with my coordinator right now so we will catch up with you later.

Till then.

Your cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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