Hot Weather

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

the heat season is here again and we in the savannah are having the last vestiges of rain. after every rain, the sun opens its mouth so wide you would think it was our maternal grandmother at Adabraka yawning with her toothless mouth wide open.

very soon too the harmattan will be on us since it is fast approaching the end of the year and truly i can’t wait to walk in town and hear the sounds of people’s heels cracking with dryness as has been fabled happens here in the savannah. they say it gets so dry that you hear people’s skins rub and make sounds such as when you rub an inflated balloon.

it is absolutely not true!

they say the best time to woo a girl in the savannah is when it is harmattan because her true beauty will shine out when the dryness hits her skin. i think this only applies to those that belief that beauty is only skin deep. but for me and you, we both know that beauty goes beyond what kinda skin creme a girl uses. beauty comes from deep within.

Kpakpo, one thing i can be very glad of in these parts at a time like this however is the availability and the blessing of the option of taking a shower any time of day. the water company here is doing so good a job that water is running through the taps the whole day. that is a very rare occurrence, such as the eclipse, even in the capital city.

even the eclipse is not so rare anymore because i have seen a few in my lifetime and in days of old, people never even saw any until they passed on into ancestorhood. i wonder what is really wrong or if the world is coming to an end. or maybe we are aware of it now that we have gadgets to detect it and we know exactly what it is – a freak of nature. well….

Nii Kpakpo, you know i love the sun. its rays have some revitalizing effects to it which the doctors say is vitamin D. i love it so much that sometimes i think God created me to run not only on adrenaline but also on solar energy.

well, the heat is upon us and as such we need to dress appropriately as Africans to be able to stand the heat. as for some of our people who do the white collar jobs with no air condition, i pity them. but man must eat.

and for those who have to stand in the open air to make ends meet, i wish them well too. man must eat!

Kpakpo, come to think of it, i am feeling hot and i have to go take a shower – no bucket things!

catch you on the flip side.

till then it’s still me

your cousin in law

savannah boy.


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