One Ghana Cedi

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Here’s a list of things one Cedi can buy in Tamale.

My breakfast of beans and plantain at my favourite roadside joint.

A plate of waakye with macaroni aka taalia.

2 chunks of fried meat the size of a thumb.

Sausage kebabs

2 boiled chicken eggs

3 raw guinea fowl eggs

A 25 minute shared taxi ride

A quarter tank top up of petrol in your motorbike

Pocket money for children for school.

A quality toothbrush

Wire cables for home theatre connection.

Two pairs of pure cotton sleeper socks

One white singlet

Soda (fanta, coca cola, sprite, etc)

Pens and pencils

Ear rings

Toilet roll

Help for the guy who wants to get home.

Ten pieces of pure water

Energy saving bulb

Monthly dues for Men’s Fellowship and other groups.

Wrist beads

Shea butter

One padlock

Watch batteries

Remote control batteries

Plastic wrist band

Tee shirts at Sunday market

Offering at church.

Hand bags at Sunday market

Seat cover for motorbike

Cost of washing motorbike

Weekly contribution to church education endowment fund.

And the usual cellphone credits most notably Vodafone one GHANA for your pocket advert.

Generally one Ghana provides security in your pocket as you step out to town.

Now you give me a list of things one Ghana Cedi can get me in Hustle City apart from parking attendant tips, or any other tips for that matter including our men in black.

I hear say dem self ‘one GHANA for your pocket’ (the song) they can’t dance to anymore. New uniforms with no pockets?

Some items on our lists may overlap but then there is a lesson here.

and the lesson here is that any time you pick up one of those pink sheets with legal tender and the Governor of the Bank of Ghana’s signature on it, or even one of those silver coins with the splash of gold in the middle, just know that these are the list of things it can get you in the savannah so you just don’t take that currency for granted.

The key to making money is to be penny wise. In this case Nii Kpakpo One Ghana Cedi wise.

Take care of those coins. Little coins in your pocket, make one Ghana cedi.

Your Cousin in law

Savannah Boy


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