Activities Galore

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

A whole lot had been going on not only in the savannah but issues that affect the whole national cake affect us up here too. In my last letter I pleaded with you to show me a good boutique so I could buy your sister some VictoriASSecrets for her birthday coming up pretty soon. And typical you, you intentionally ignored me. I’m sure you’re thinking I’m going to use part of the national cake to get her the gifts huh?

Moreover I’m sure the dross will not cost as much as a million dollars.

The heat in the savannah is overwhelming and even though I need a haircut I am afraid to risk putting my scalp out there. Trust me, the savanna know is not a conducive place to stay for bald people like your cousin and his ‘toonoo’ friends on the other station of serious joy. The other day temperatures got to as high as 34degrees as at nine am in the morning. Go figure!

Nii Kpakpo, these days social media has become a formidable tool in the hands of anyone who really knows how to use it. The latest internet / Facebook celebrity is one fine young lady called Hamdya Issah who comes from the savannah. Girl did a metamorphic friendship jump from just over 200 friends to 2796 friends in just one night. Truly the girl personifies overnight celebrity.

How did she do this? Kpakpo, just by expressing her irk at he young boys of today for sleeping with the women under any guise and then dumping them. She did this venting with some real Queens English and I’m sure by the time she woke up in the morning she had more friend requests than Lebron James.

Been trying to find her and I hear she is a dancer meaning she loves music. Kpakpo, talking about music, there have been two major concerts at the stadium here involving major international artistes such as Whiz Kid, D Black, Edem, EL and a host of others. The savannah people love their music.

Did I tell you we have our music and movie industry here? The movie industry is called Tamawood and the local language is used to parody RnB and even some local hip life songs. One particular radio station plays such music to serenade people to bed at night. Imagine three hours of popular RnB and cools songs from divas such as Celine Dione and Whitney Houston in dagbani.

Business is growing in the savannah region and in reference to savannah enterprise, there are a lot of business opportunities here. This is probably why the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) deemed it fit to have their annual general meeting here. They were in town for a whole week and I’m sure they talked about the business times in Ghana and closing the industrial gap that exists between the north and the south.

Kpakpo, would you believe that with all the motorbikes and bicycles used up in he savannah, there is no assembly plant anywhere here. Upon observation I have realised that it seems only the Chinese Techno folk understand what it means to capture the market and provide the required services and therefore have engineers here dealing directly with clients. At least 8 out of every savannah person uses a Techno brand of phone.

Nii Kpakpo, I’m still waiting for a time when you will clear or create an avenue in your busy schedule so you can come up here to the savannah so we hang out. A couple of friends of mine passed though on business but I made sure the pleasure part was taken care of. After all, all work and no play makes Donald and Dr Sapro dull boys. We really had fun with me showing them parts of town they didn’t realise existed.

On our way it get akomfem (roasted guinea fowl) Dr Sapro kept turning around abruptly at the sound of a motorbike. Obviously he’s been living in too many cities too long and carries an inherent fear of getting mugged. In the savannah, it’s pretty cool to walk around midnight and still be safe. It’s not really advisable to be alone though.

I used to carry the same fear around but I have walked the streets of Accra alone at night and even that was safe, much more the savannah. The rider on the motorbike you are afraid of is probably also afraid of the guy walking the streets alone at night maybe for ritual purposes. Kpakpo, it’s really a reverse psych thing.

Well, a lot has gone on in the savannah this past few days since I last wrote to you. I will tell you all about the Fire festival and how I almost got my head chopped off in my next letter. For now your sister has been under the weather these few weeks and I am trying to nurse her back to health. She’s worried about me but hey, you know it’s nothing because when she gets well I’m going to have some brownie points.

Of course you know I will collect. Lol

Nii Kpakpo till next time stay safe.

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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