We Swerve You Better

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

This letter is inspired by the Ghana Commercial Bank motto which I have conveniently doctored. The motto is We Serve you Better but looking at the services they provide, it is a wonder that they are still in existence with all these spiffy business ideas these Nigerian banks are churning out.

I must say here that this letter is not intended to ruin their business but to highlight their strengths and relate it to some stuff to what is going on in Ghana at the moment as I have noticed here in the savannah.

Have you noted how on last Fridays of the month especially the Commercial banks ATMs do not work at all. I thought this was only an Accra phenomenon until I was travelling on a Friday to Tamale by road and I had to use a commercial bank to get money to top up for fuel. All along the route, either the banking halls were packed or the ATMs were out of coverage area. They had broken down.

Now when it comes to their services, the banking hail is full of ‘old ladies’ who will not retire but then will take out their frustration of living on hapless clients. Had a bad experience with one such a person when I had a deadline to withdraw money and even though the ATM didn’t give the cash, it indicated in the account that the money had been withdrawn. She was outright rude and if it had been back in the day, she would have seen the ugly side do my nuttiness. Thank God for maturity.

When I went into the bank to lodge a complaint, the assistant manager made me aware that it was a general problem and they were working on it. If you bloody know the ATM will not give cash but will reflect in the account, why not frigging shut the ATM down and let us know it’s not working rather than lodge a complaint and being asked to come back during the week for the situation to be rectified. Swerve indeed!

Kpakpo I walked into the savannah commercial bank and there was a long line of people waiting to be attended to in the banking hall. As typical of commercial banking halls on Friday the line wound itself like a king cobra after a hefty meal ready to go into hiatus. There was no way some of these people were going to be served before the weekend unless the banking hours were closed at 10pm and even that will be cutting it.

So the assistant manager walks out sees the line and goes back inside. Thirty minutes later she is back and there are more people. She then goes outside the bank and walks in poised to make an announcement.

“Excuse me! Please the ATM is working so those of you who are here to make withdrawals, if you have your ATM card, you can do it outside.”

Nii Kpakpo I tell you, not even a single person moved. This is commercial bank we are talking about. The bank notorious for swerves. And on a Friday? Nobody wants to lose their place in the line in the banking hall. I found it rather interesting.

But some of us dared and went out and truly it was working. A commercial bank ATM working on a Friday. That’s a relief.

Very soon the lines were now both in the banking hall and at the ATM outside. Folk really needed to cash out for the weekend obviously.

Well, it bothers me they like any other government agencies, commercial bank is full of ‘focils’ and older people who got to give way for the younger generation to take over and churn new ideas that will drive Africa to the next level.

I have seen the transition in effect when I passed by a company durbar and noticed a majority of staff were youth. Shows the new face and vibrancy of the company.

Well Kpakpo, I have said my piece about this nation’s only remaining entity and I hope it works better for all of our sakes. Let’s patronise our own bank.

Life goes on. Till I talk to you again, have a fruitful week.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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