Early Savannah Morning

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So it rained yesterday and many are we mighty glad that it did. The dust was becoming too much and the roads, especially the one to my work place, had become like powder. And with the big trucks – construction trucks and zoomlion garbage trucks plying that route, the rain is a welcome relief at least for a few days.

This is not to mention the folk with the four wheel drives who drive as if they were in the Dakar rally caring less who they peppered with the dust. Show offs!

Anyways, we were at church when the rains started and here in the savannah the rains are always accompanied by thunder and serious lightning flashes like the heavenly host were having a fashion shoot for the Second Coming. If you didn’t know, this is not a good thing for your sister and she wished she was home so she could snuggle into me and in essence hide from the weather – ostrich syndrome.

Well, she survived. As she has done since she was a child. Just a but scared that brought about a chill which definitely took care of when we got home. It sure was a good night. *wink wink

Nii Kpakpo, this sister of yours has been living up here in the savannah and she still hasn’t picked up the savannah work ethic. She will wake up at the crack of dawn, like she used to in Accra, and be off to work by a quarter past six. She makes sure she is at her desk by 7am sharp.

I can vouch on my whatever that even the regional minister, if he’s not awake will be in bed at this time, turning for the fifth time onto his right side so he can sleep well.

Since she started her new job at the hospital I guess she has wrought change because the few times I have been to work with her, her colleagues had come in a few minutes later. I know this because I checked the sign in book for some months and realized arrival times have shifted.

What this has done in my household is that we have to wake up early and sometimes it is my responsibility to see her off to get a car to work. Honestly I’m dreading when we get a car and now I have to drive her all the way to work. This is because by the tine she is waking up, I am now going to sleep so by the time she gets ready to be ‘seen off’ I get only two hours of sleep and I’m all grumpy. Imagine if I was to drive her to the office in that state.

I usually come back to bed and sleep for another couple of hours before I set off to work.

Nii Kpakpo, on the day she sends me on errands in town or I have to do transactions in town, like today, then I am dead. Savannah shops, businesses and offices don’t open till after 8.30am so it means that I have to occupy myself with doing something to while away the time. Well, thankfully, now I can write to you like I’m doing now but hitherto I just roamed the streets observing people.

The streets of the savannah are so unlike Hustle City. Here activity builds up slowly as the day progresses and as for traffic it’s minimal. Even the police takes their own sweet time to report to duty but they are at post by 8am, nice.

The only thing that shows no mercy and is rapid, is the sun. It sometimes hits around 32 by 9am. Yes! 9am Kpakpo.

I have this special spot that I love to perch at to observe. I’m using the words perch and observe because it’s on the third floor of a building and it overlooks the main traffic light at the savannah town centre. With a camera it proves a vantage point like the Golan Heights when it comes to savannah social observation.

Papa Nii, today I did something interesting. A colleague of mine is the manager of one of the businesses in the building – a supermarket and whilst talking to him on social media I sent him live updates of what his workers do when they arrive at the premises. He’s always told me the the knew they gossiped too much and trust me, they had some very insightful conversations. All this I sent to him live. He said he was going to show it to them to keep the mom their toes, so they know they can be on candid camera any day.

What I wouldn’t give to see the looks on their faces.

But whilst I was doing this it occurred to me that nowadays with the technology we have at out disposal it is very important that we be circumspect in all our speech and actions.

Kpakpo, especially for you guys who talk for a living on your radio programs, you should be careful what you say and how you carry yourself in the public eye. As for you, you are lucky because the GAVET ads set you up as a funny guy. When I tell people that I’m writing to you all they say is ‘charley! The guy fool oh’ but I know it’s all in jest because they admire your work.

Any3mi, my time is up and I have to go run your sister’s errands and be on my way to work. I’m to send letters via DHL to Accra but first I have to pass by the bank to get the money for these and other transactions.

Till I write again you take care and take what I said about being circumspect serious.

Be good!

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


3 thoughts on “Early Savannah Morning

  1. Just when I was about to pop the question,I get an answer to who Nii Kpakpo really is; the ever funny GAVET…..lol.Another interesting read.More fire.

    1. Then you should have read the intro. I said who he was in the introduction to the letters but I think I needed to remind people who he is.
      Thanks for the support mehm! ‘Preciate!

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