My Week

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

It’s been a very fortuitous week with me feeling kinda out of sorts. It’s one of those feelings you get where you more or less say ‘fuck all’ and the rest of the world can go hang. Yessir! I know you understand that feeling because you had to go through the same thing when rumors went around about you and all those girls. Hmmm! Matter oh!

Well, so I did not feel like going to work on Monday so did not go. Fell conveniently into my tradition of Lazy Mondays. You know I have always loved Mondays because they are days that if I can help it I do not do anything – not even get out of the house. This is albeit the fact that Mondays could be the busiest days at work especially just coming out of the weekend.

Kpakpo I did not go on Tuesday either because that was the day your sister sent me on that errand and the guy supposed to pick me up didn’t show to take me to work whilst I waited for him at another friends place. When I called the office they said we were supposed to be present at one of our colleague’s mother’s funeral. Most of the office had already left so there was no point going in at all.

Chale! The people I live in my house with have also taken a ‘fuck all’ attitude but they forget that you can’t have the same attitude with yor benefactor. Me I’m just seeing how far they will go wi thst attitude and I will take the necessary measures and I hope it’s not too drastic be air so far the actions that are presenting themselves to me are truly ‘fuck all’. This mood is not good for me or anybody around me and I better jump out of it quick.

Thursday was my girlfriend’s birthday and she was so busy I could not even have time to tease her that she was getting old by the days and weeks. But when she became available she said that she was always available. What is it with folk who don’t seem to understand that being available for another person means being there when they need you and not later.

Anyway one of my friends was in town organizing a conference and since all work and no play makes Dr Dan a dull man it was fun sitting down to cold drinks and useless banter about anything and everything.

Nii Kpakpo, it is only in these parts that you can still find Club Shandy. Remember that drink Club Shandy aka Boso3. When I first came here and I found it I was in partial shock. My first thought and constant thoughts still is it wonder if there is another factory or subsidiary of the brewery producing just that particular drink for these parts. And there are some pubs here who serve it cold at any time of the day even when there are no lights.

The boys were pleasantly surprised as everybody is when I show them that Club Shandy Bosoe still exists and in honour of the memories I still haven’t seen anybody drink less than 2 bottles a night when they go out.

Every night after the conference the boys came out and we stayed till after midnight then all went back to work the next day waiting for the day to end so we could sit again at night.

But the most memorable one was on Friday night. We all could not wait to do the all night that nobody wanted to talk about but knew it was gonna happen. The conference had ended and after writing the reports and finishing up administrative stuff, boys stepped out around 11pm. Like Monday and Tuesday I didn’t go to work on Friday either and as such I needed the action, which proved to be worth it.

The plan was that there will be no sleep until the flight back to Accra in the morning and indeed there was no sleep. By e time I got to location boys had already downed first and second round of beers. Needed to catch up and yeah I caught up by talking to the girls present.

Another thing I have noticed Kpakpo is that being a Gemini my flirting skills are at their peak and thus I must say myself I have become almost irresistible. Coupled with the fuck all attitude I think it makes for a deadly cocktail.

Papa Nii, talking of cocktails, we decided to go pub hopping and then went to a latest discovery I have made here. It is a pretty quaint pub owned by a pretty damsel who used to do cocktails as a hobby until she decided to make it into a business. She runs her own Deme’s Pub and Bar here. Imagine the kind of conversation we had when we were talking about her and my hobby of cocktail mixing. Suffice it to say that there were no holds barred with insinuations and we have become fast friends afterwards.

Oh yes! It was truly fun spending time at her pub and being as pretty as she is she engaged the boys to their every need. Yes you heard me, every need. That is to say every need within her means as a pub owner and graceful hostess.

The cocktails flowed.

With the cocktails enamoured and as foundation, now it was time to go dancing. The decision of the location was left to the girls since it is an unwritten code that when the girls have fun, we the guys too will invariably have fun too.

There were very funny incidents in the club. I haven’t been clubbing anywhere in a long time and these incidents kinda took me by surprise. In this era of internet and social media women still come to the club and when you want to dance with them they shy away. Ghanaian women are still giving the old look you up and down before even talking to you. Haven’t they learnt that appearances are nowadays usually deceptive.

But interestingly even if that was the case the guys they end up mingling with don’t look any better with sagging pants with underpants sticking out. Usually when it happened to me in Accra I just took out my card, put it in the girl’s hand and walked away. The thing is that even though the appearance is nothing to write home about, the portfolio piques the interest of the girl and now she wants to be friends but by then I have lost interest too. At least not for the night at the club but maybe later. Have made some interesting friends that way.

After the dancing and the boys went back to their hotel to freshen up for their plane ride back to Accra, I went off home to prepare for keep fit and then join the boys for basketball at the polytechnic courts. From there it was to the market and then off to sleep finally.

Nii Kpakpo, it’s really been a fortuitous week like I said and I know after reading this you can see that too. I miss the action in Accra and it’s getting boring here with my kinda crowd not around. However I chose this life, different from the one in Accra, and I should stick to it.

I know that group of dummies I am a part of are doing another philanthropic presentation somewhere in Vakpo in the Volta region. They are presenting literature books to the secondary school. Much as I wish I could be there I can not.

Well, when you get into town, since you will probably be on holiday, you won’t have any work holding you down and as such I don’t think we will bother that much with sleep.

Just get here.

Till later then, any3mi!

Have a lovely weekend.

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy.


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