Heading South

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

The weather in the savannah has been hot and dry lately and as usual I have been inundated with all sort of sicknesses especially as regards to respiration. My allergies have been acting up mainly because of the many dusty roads in the savannah.

The road to my office is under cinstruction and it is no help at all since by the time I get to work I’m so much covered in dust I look like a ‘dustkimo’ – a dust Eskimo. Obviously I’m not the only one feeling it but in my situation I’m the only one with the dust allergies. The other day I sat in a taxi that I believe would have been better off if I had walked along the road.

Chale! I felt how much the Jews must have suffered in the holocaust when they were gassed. The dust engulfed the car and it felt like the exhaust had also been turned into the car because it was a mixture of dust end fuel fumes. The worst was that the backseat windows will not roll down.

And whee. I opened the door to get a direct dusty air (trust me, it was the lesser of two evils) the driver screamed at me in dagbani. Not that I cared very much because I didn’t understand what he was saying but he looked rather cross.

Kpakpo, there several events that I have missed being up in the savannah. I live up here now but I even missed BarCamp Tamale, a meeting of ThinkTanks to move Ghana foward. I was down south attending my father in law’s, your uncle’s, birthday party. You didn’t show up.

Last year I missed what I consider as Ghana’s greatest music festival Indie Fuse Indie Fuseand this year I don’t intend to make the same mistake. Hearing about the artistes and their music via the social media grapevine was too much for me to bear. Especially the updates on Facebook not to mention the live commentary on twitter via various tweets that had me tagged in them.

Not this time. No lose guard!

Nii Kpakpo I have also missed several gatherings of the best social group in the universe – a group of dummiesdummies who transcend backgrounds and professions to just be who they best can be. This group has in recent times taken on a philanthropic cloak and is giving back to the community through several outlined projects.

Recently schools have been identified and books donated to augment the education of the Ghanaian youth at all levels both junior high and senior high. Apart from it being fun in the build up to these events, it has also been fun seeing how happy people are to help out with contributions both fiscal and material to the success of these projects. And I have missed it all.

I have missed the gathering of dummies even if they have to promote a business venture of a member or show support at an outdooring or wedding ceremony.

So I am heading down South to your Bearded Mayor choked city to attend a book launch by an inspiring friend and mentor, Nana Awere Damoah. The book is title is I Speak of Ghana and the reviews so far are rave. I’m privileged to be a distributor up north and I happen to think it’s a must read book for every Ghanaian and for everybody who wants to come to Ghana, it should serve as a guide book next to the Briandts Guide.

Kpakpo I’m not missing the book launch and the gathering of the dummies. Since Nana Awere is the founder of the group, it is obvious that the function will be like a homecoming event for all present past and future dummies. It will be pretty good to see old faces and ferment some new social contacts to be stored up for use some day. After all we live in an era of connectivity and one has to be connected to survive.

Well, I’m on a bus and I’m heading south. Like Sun Wu kong and his ‘pishang’ in Journey To The journey to The WestWest, I’m heading south to have some fun.

And it’s about time too because I get to leave the heat of the savannah to rhat cold rains of the south. I get to take a break fro my anti hystermine pills because of the incessant dust and settle for the cool stale air of the capital city.

Trust me, it’s the lesser of two evils.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, you didn’t tell me you were on leave but I found out when one of my dummy friends has transferred from the gold land leaving his fufu abode to come to the capital city of traffic and rice.

Well I wish him well too. When we are moving out, he is moving in and I’m glad he’s having fun so far.

Enjoy your leave Nii and be good. Take a well deserved rest and reply my letters.

Till then, it’s still me

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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