Tweeaaa Kpakpo!

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

A whole lot has happened since I last sent you a letter. So much so that I don’t even know where to begin.

Eish! These days the way social media has taken over everything you will think social media should run the country instead of our comedian debutante at the helm of affairs.

Now I call him comedian debutante because of his audition joke about Ex Prez Dr Boom and His RIP Madiba when he was alive and out of prison.

The audition tape is not clear but it is an undisputed fact that the handsome gentleman was on stage had had an uproarious applause.

Well do we blame him? His predecessor was a natural from the greatest line of comedian ethnic groups in the world. Being a vice, a whole lot must have rubbed off him.

But now what I’m worried about is the way nowadays tapes and videos leak and go viral on social media. Case in point is the Honorable (are they really) DCE who at a program to honor somebody else is ‘yabbing’ about being given the platform to speak because he’s an important personality in the community (self pomposity) ends up almost fighting a member in the audience who chuckled ‘tweaa’ at his speech.

His outburst has gone viral and typical Ghana, we have made him popular so much so that when he attends another social gathering, this time a funeral, everybody wants to catch a glimpse of the ‘tweaa DCE’.

Up here in the savanna we hear the news very late and especially only after the yabby yabby radio stations in Accra are syndicated to the stations here. That is only when the furore gets to us.
Well it is obvious we are too far from the epicenter to feel the impact of some of these things. It is rather the literatti amongst us who follow the news on social media who are caught up with the heat of events as they happen.

Nii Kpakpo, I tried discussing the ‘tweeaaacident’ in my office and you could see the blank looks, must have been like I was talking about Martian rocks.

Speaking of the office, the other day I set up a meeting inadvertently on the same day that the president was coming to town. I went to an earlier appointment and was delayed so had to rush back to the office to the meeting I had convened myself which I didn’t want to miss, only to find only a handful of people in the office.  Upon enquiry I was told that they had mostly gone to the airport to meet the president.

Nii Kpakpo I didn’t want to be shocked. Somehow I hadn’t expected it but the gravity of the political loyalty within the government circles in the savanna is real and stares us in the face. There is no way any political entity will come into the savannah and beat the sitting president now especially since he is from these parts. The foot soldiers abound too much and more or less they dictate the policies of the government in these parts.

There is even an insider joke that the foot soldiers were disgruntled at the inadequacy of jobs for the youth. When they go look for jobs they are asked to bring their certificates and this annoys them because when the political party was canvassing for votes they didn’t ask them for their education qualifications.

Pretty interesting indeed!

But Yes, like we always say, life must go on. Ghana our motherland should be bigger than our political issues. We should all put our hands to the wheel and as a friend said this week, the more hands to the wheel the lighter the burden.

Kpakpo I’m feeling too drained to continue. Will pick up the other stories later.

For now Please don’t say tweaaaa! because I’m not your Co-equal and you don’t have to rub it in.

I’m just married to your sister so if I want to keep her I’m obliged to keep quiet.

Enjoy your weekend.

Your Cousin in law,
Savannah Boy.


2 thoughts on “Tweeaaa Kpakpo!

    1. Oh he reads them alright and I really do wish he would pen some of the things he says on his radio show in reply to these letters.
      Some are hilarious as expected but we’ll see

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