Life Goes On

Dear Nii Kpakpo,
These few days have been pretty amazing just being in the Savannah.  I have had friends visit from the south on various agenda.

It has really been nice seeing the pleasant surprise on their faces when they get to the Savannah that they thought was all bush and get to see these architectural edifices and with all the business in this town it is not surprising that the bank buildings are the most pleasant looking. Plead remind me to take you to ex soldier Kofi Amoabeng’s Unique Trust Bank splendid in their lime green and off white. It is the latest addition to the businesses in the Savannah.

Kpakpo, the other day somebody passed a comment that the Savannah is managed or run by Non Governmental Organization (NGO) money. Personally I think it is true that the NGOs have played a pivotal role in community development in the Savannah but then this doesn’t mean that they take over and sponsor everything or every activity in the Savannah. That is most unlikely.

Such an assertion posits that the Regional and Municipal Assembly, which is the government  agencies set in place for socio_economic and political development of the area have been rendered ineffective and useless. That is a slight on their integrity -that is if they got any left.

Kpakpo, the government agents in these parts feel rather self important like their designated roles are not to serve their people but rather to aggrandize themselves. The whole ethos of working “for the people” is missing and usually unfortunately tainted with political bias.  So we find an assemblyman who would not listen to you say unless you call him by the title ‘honorable’ and another one who will walk up to a radio station and demand or threaten at verbal point that he would have the radio station closed down because they’re having discussions that are not politically favorable to his party.

If you don’t like the political slant of whatever discussion the radio station is having, call for your own time and go present your case or change your dial. After all there are other stations and your are spoiled for choice.

I am tempted to say “Tweaa”!!

But these are political figures and I’m not their coequal.

Nii Kpakpo, the last time the president was here he commissioned two projects and I must say these are viable projects good eds the community and I laud it because it grim line with the Savannah Accelerated Development Scheme the government has undertaken as a policy.

The Mutual Health Scheme will go a long way to ensure that the Savannah population get the needed healthcare and facilities like everybody else in the country.

That being said the Tamale Teaching Hospital in collaboration with several foreign organizations have been having a series of international seminars and workshops for the doctors to train the human resource. There have also been several surgical programs for the people, not only from the central district but buses have been sent to outpost clinics to bring people who need these surgeries in.

Health for all works just fine here.

Kpakpo, Savannah life has really been interesting and I haven’t missed the capital much because I have had friends bring the capital to me.  Since it’s the people I miss and not the capital itself, these visitors have been a breath of release from the south. We do the crazy stuff that we are pretty used to in the capital such as stay up late and partying all night. If we can find a pub open till the wee hours of the morning why not.

And there are several springing up in the Savannah because they realize there are more and more people from the south heading up north to stay. Or for those who want to visit they are pleasantly taken care of so they don’t even feel like they left home.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, hurry up and get here. We await your visit and I believe when you come over for a weekend you’d be wanting to come back for a week, then a month, then if you want to run out of the ‘cosmopolitan heat’ of the metropolis, the Savannah will be your choice.

Well let me end this missive here and in my next letter I’d tell you about some of the projects I have identified here that I am part of, and my radio experience.

Yes! I was on radio to talk about social and community development and how best we can make an impact in society so we move Ghana forward.

Until next time,  it’s still me

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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