Going on Radio

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

You know I have been writing these letters to you so that not only will the people who read it get to know what is going on in this here Savannah parts but also realize that this here parts is not wholly bush and grassland but real human beings live here with the same social amenities and facilities that exist everywhere else.

So my letters to you have caught some attention and now I’m a panelist on a radio show that talks on how best to improve the community through civil society advocacy.

So now Kpakpo you see that it’s not just you alone using the material in these letters to effect social change.

I jumped at the chance because I realized that I’m writing on behalf of a people and to work on the perspectives to change and develop the society, there needed to be an internal reshuffle. The people I’m writing about need realize what’s going on all around them and review their mindset accordingly.

Nii, my greatest sense of responsibility and achievement came when the radio host called out my name and said blogger. It just dawned me that ‘Wow! I was really here because of the stuff I write about this place…’

It is also a good feeling to know that my blog provides enough fodder so they can choose topics for discussion from my articles and experiences that I put down here in this letters.

So Nii Kpakpo Thompson, I have also now hit the airwaves on a radio station in the Savannah and although I’m not getting the feedback immediately I know folk listen in and gradually we going to make an impact in developing the community around here and ultimately make Ghana a better place.

Like I keep telling you, our work is cut out for us and civil society advocacy is the way to go.  Let’s make Ghana better one community at a time.

Will link up later.

Till then it’s me

Your cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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