Global Warming

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Life in the Savannah has taken a drastic turn of events with the expansion of the north and with more concentration to try and develop these here parts.

However inasmuch as we talk development of the Savannah with a whole program outlined by the government for it in the Savannah Accelerated Development Project (SADEP) managed by the authority SADA, it’s imperative that the local people get on board to make the development a smooth one.

Kpakpo recent events however seem to threaten to derail the strides made by all stakeholders to maintain the peace and calm that the Savannah has had in the past few years.

The Savannah has been in the news for some incidental violence of some irate youth only motivated by revenge or justice for one of their fallen comrades who was shot after a misunderstanding. 

Honestly when you see a group of young men having a healthy argument in the Savannah and you don’t know how passionate they are with showing off their education and knowledge, your first reaction will be to call the police emergency numbers with the thought that it will end unpleasant. It hardly ever does and the parties all walk away wiser than when the debate started in the first place.

See them the next day and the same group are playing cards or just shooting the breeze in dagbani or English – the few times I’ve joined in the conversation.

However I think I can understand the volatility of the riots at this time. The savanna has all of a sudden become very hot.  The sun burns down at 43degrees and recently most of the youth have shaved heads _latest trends???

Nii Kpakpo, at this rate and heat, it is as if out brains are being microwaved by the hot sun.  It’s so hot that even bitumen on lie roads is melting. On the lighter side, I wanted to buy a microwave oven but the sun has proven a very cost effective way of microwaving food when I only put the food on my neighbor’s black keep for a few minutes and voila I get hot food. 

With this therefore it doesn’t take that much, coupled with the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty all the time, to set anybody off on the least whim.

This is therefore a time to be careful how to behave around people especially around these parts. People will act one way without realizing the implications and laugh over it later when they do. As to whether they are remorseful for their actions depends on the pride of the actor in question.

Humor keeps us going, laughing over the incidents as they happen.
A doctor friend of mine has his split air-conditioning system fried by the sun because the unit outside is not protected from the sun’s direct rays. 

Nii Kpakpo Thompson I tell you the sun is so hot that on a stroll through the market I stood near the flame of a woman frying yam and fish and couldn’t feel the flames as much as I could feel the sun on my right cheek hitting directly. 

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if we were not black people. The last time there was an epidemic in Australia it was heat stroke and the temperature was just about 38degrees which we in the Savannah hit by an hour to midday.

Imagine that!

But well, forecasts have never been accurate and I’ve had friends on social media tell me I’ve become testy and easily irritated at the least provocation. Well can you blame me with my ‘sakora’ head in flames.

However the most interesting thing is that some suburbs in the outskirts experience slight drizzling and it reduces the temperature but not in savanna central.

Even at night it’s 34degrees general temperature which is hotter than you folk in the capital during the day.

So is this part of the global warming trends because if it is then we have not been treated fairly. One friend even asked me if the ozone layer had finally depleted over the savanna so that we now have no protection from the sun’s rays. 

What a question but it got me thinking.

Well Kpakpo, my brain is on fire for thinking to put this together so I’m going to get some ice cold water to pour over my head to cool down. Even showers (Yeah the taps are flowing and of got electricity) are a bad idea because the hot water flowing through them leave you hotter than you were when you walked under the shower.

Lemme end this here and write later when I cool down a bit.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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