We are wet

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So I was in the house yesterday crying about the heat and how even my indoor fan was blowing hot air like it had developed lungs of it’s own and blowing out it’s breath. I lay there contemplating if I needed to get one of those big industrial fans that blow bit like helicopter blades. You know,  the ones that have become very popular with our churches these days. Whoever designed that fan must’ve sat in an helicopter and notice how it blew people away when about to land.

Anyway imagine my excitement when I heard the patter of rain on the roof and quietly said a prayer to thank God because the 43degree temperature would come down drastically with it having rained.

So after a few minutes I paused the movie I was watching because even though I could here the patter of rain on the somehow couldn’t hear the corresponding sloshing of water on the ground. you know how curious I can get.

Kpakpo I couldn’t believe what hybrid seeing in the window so I had to step out of the house to be sure. Then I saw the miracle!

I have seen natural aberrations that has especially to do with rain. I have stood in the byline and stretched my arms out like the Brazilian Corpus Christi where one of my arms got heavily soaked in rain but the other didn’t because it was raining heavily on one side and not a single drop on the other side. 

I have had a situation where I had to wade through ankle high water in rains with thunder and lightning then get a a higher ground where it was not even drizzling but the sun was out.

That’s how hard I’ve been sensitized by my personal experience with rain but still nothing prepared me for what I saw when I stepped out of the house.

Nii Kpakpo! Even though I could still hear the patter of rain on the roof the ground was not wet.  There was no sign of rain on the ground itself. How was that?

I went out to stand in the open air and could feel the rain on me but it still wasn’t getting to the ground. The only thing I didn’t do was lie on the floor to see if I would get wet too.

My mind could not fathom how a thing like that could happen and my limited science education especially in meteorology wouldn’t suffice in postulating an explanation. The only one that logically came to mind was that the environment is so hot that the rain already evaporates even before getting to the ground.

How else could that be? Just went back to my movie in my confused state.

However a few hours later the pattering started again and this time there was the accompanying sloshing of the rain pooling on the floor behind the window.

Kpakpo you cannot Imagine my excitement that after so many weeks of burning heat averaging 40degrees everyday the rain was a welcome relief. First thought that came to mind was to go dancing in the rain. Which is exactly what I did.

In an town where people are scared of the rain and run helter skelter at the sight of clouds, it’s interesting that nobody was  really bothering this time round. People just walked nonchalantly in the rain and just allowed themselves to get soaked. It was as if the heat had been suffocating them and these were welcome showers from the heavens bringing relief.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson we were wet.  Whilst I danced in the rain in front of my house women came passing by from the market and they were walking like it wasn’t even raining. They were talking noncommittal and hitherto the looks they would’ve given me as dancing half naked didn’t come. They just walked by.

Half the town was getting wet.  The ground was wet, we were wet and we just didn’t care.

Thank God the rains came.

Well I know with the rains at least the dusty roads will be tolerable for my sinuses and allergies and as for the heat I hope it stabilizes for some time to come until the major rains later in a month or two.
Well I’m happy it rained so let me go and just enjoy the weather. Will write to you again soon.

Until then stay safe and keep me posted on what you are doing nowadays since you left radio.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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