Kwahumasi Easter

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I am sorry I have let laziness overshadow my urge to write to you and I have taken this long to pen you another missive. Eish! Laziness is not good oh and even the Good Book says that a lazy man’s farmland is overgrown with weeds and full of snakes.

Chale! The weeds and snakes in my head literally make me surprised I’m still even walking around in good health. Only God knows.

The last time I wrote to you was waaaay before Easter and that one too has come and gone. Oh! I will tell you how much fun I went to have at Easter in ‘Otee korkor su’ Nana’s city. You know I have never been to Kwahu so this time since I was so close I decided to go.

Oh man! Let me tell you about it.

We dubbed it the Kwahumasi Chronicles. Yes! Kwahu and Kumasi combined – Kwahumasi. Darn! It was a blast.

Me and a couple of friends decided that we needed to just free ourselves from the bustle of city life and the daily hustles of work and use the only legal long weekend in the calendar year to have massive fun. We decided we should have a Big Brother sort of house stay in an exotic location and Ejisu was chosen.

Being a serene historic town just outside Kumasi meant that we were out of the city scene already and members reported to the house on Holy Thursday.

I had to travel from the savannah to site early because I had to prepare the grounds and Kpakpo you know how it is with such events. Suffice it to say that it met its billing.

From shopping in the market for food items, the forays into the Kumasi town itself to sample some pubs and just time spent together as friends, the whole trip was one rollercoaster event.

The original plan was to dash to Kwahu, which is now the Ghanaian destination for Easter with people coming from all over the world as if Easter was a festival of the people of Kwahu.

It has become the place to be with fun loving people gathering along the towns on the mountain ranges. From paragliding activities, to concerts, to just partying at Easter, you name it and Kwahu is the place to be.

As usual, the Telecom companies and business entities are fully prepped with all hotels booked in advance because the place gets so crowded.

Yeah so I found myself at Oboe Kwahu for the first time and Kpakpo I personally think it is overrated.

Yeah it’s fun but then it is one of those things you hear of as being crazy fun and you get there and you just feel meh. It is not anything I would be in a hurry to go to in the near future but once I was there it was a fun party the whole time.

It is one town that doesn’t sleep at Easter I noticed and I understood how some of my friends who touted it as being fun said they had no hotel rooms but slept in their cars.

We couldn’t wait to get out of there and back into our Big Dummy House with all its crazy inmates to a final pool party on Easter Sunday.

Easter was fun and in all the fun it was nice that we managed to leave slots to remember the significance of Easter by sharing friendship and encouraging each other in whatever we do as people.

Wish I could tell you more about Kwahumasi but hey, you know the Golden Rule right – whatever happens at Kwahumasi stays in Kwahumasi.

Hope you had fun at Easter too.

Well, I’m ending the Easter chronicles here and my next missive will follow soon after.

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy.


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