Sexy Girls

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

In a very recent past there was the story of an overnight celebrity on the social media site, Facebook that raised quite a few eyebrows. Hamdia Issa was her name and she shot from having only 47 friends to over 4790 overnight (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) just because she wrote a version of the queen’s language that even the least developed British colony, with their pidgin and creoles will find it hard to understand even though it was obvious the sentence structure was in place.

Some friends and I started a forum to investigate what could be the cause of such ‘atrocious’ English language writing for her status posts when obviously she claimed to have at least had formal education. Many reasons were suggested but recently in my stay here in the savanna I have come to realize what could be the cause of such mishaps in the upbringing especially of young girls in the savanna.

The current trend in the savanna is indicative that most young men don’t spend much to convince a young woman to sleep with them and it doesn’t matter her classification or age. All it really takes is some words of interest and one outing, get her a ‘takeaway pack’  and then the young women are sexually exploited.

Nii Kpakpo, it was such a case that Hamdia Issa was talking against that brought her into the limelight. They say that there is no bad publicity but apparently some guys had managed to sleep with her and left her angry and it led to a few hate status outbursts in her ‘guyana english’ (as I have come to term it) that made her become the Kim Kardashan of the savanna.

Delving into the issue, it is not like Hamdia Issa is morally loose. That is beside the point. What is however obvious is that parental systems have broken down in her family.(as is becoming prevalent in the savanna) and she lives with a guardian who cannot always keep track of her movement and even provide adequate guidance both in social and sexual life to a girl like her.

This is a girl who loves to dance and is said to dance for extra money to be featured in music videos that are shot in the savanna. How does she ensure she gets into these music videos bearing in mind the stories we hear even in the major cities around the world of starlets having to sleep with directors because the directors are claiming to put them on the silver screen.

The savanna being marginalized from the past hasn’t helped these young women and parental responsibility has broken down due to the harsh economic realities leading to teenage related mortality such as unplanned pregnancies and social ineptitudes.

Kpakpo, with the savanna accelerated development agency (SADA) and the various Ghana youth initiative (GYEEDA) policies by the government of the day, one would have thought that the problems of the savanna would be alleviated in a way but then see the scandals that have rocked those programs and organizations set up to run the programs.

You should hear the way the savanna people are angry about the incident and I recall one radio call in where the caller compared the situation to colonialism that when money was given to their own people to help build up and better their situation, a few of them are in cohorts with each other and have divided the loot amongst themselves.

Very sad indeed!

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, in a society where sex information usually comes from peers or even boyfriends or lovers, these economic conditions are enough to drive these girls into thinking that sex is very pivotal in any relationship and even when asked they tell you that sex determines what they get in the relationship. It really doesn’t matter to them whether they are comfortable with the sex or not.

Furthermore very few of these girls manage to stay in school and complete and when they do, they are not really sure what is next. Due to abject poverty and social and cultural challenges they are coerced into consenting to sexual liaisons for the barest minimum of items just so they can survive on a daily basis without considering the consequences.

Eventually it takes a toll on them and they explode into tirades on social media as was exhibited by Hamdia Issa.

Nii Kpakpo, as for me I don’t believe that there is a bright future for these such girls in the savanna and it is really no wonder that they all strive to go find greener pastures in the capital so at least they can have something to show for their existence in this life. That is the mentality.

However it is also high time that we started nipping some of these situations in the bud so at least we can curtail the sexual and reproductive health issues that arise and also the migration issues.

I keep saying it is you the media people who will bring this to light and as for me, I will only inform you of what I’m seeing here.

Let’s keep the conversation flowing Kpakpo.

Till I write again, it’s still me

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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