Vodafone cafe

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

It’s a pretty fine Saturday morning and the sun is already out. It is as if whichever disciple is on duty in Heaven is aware that people will wash today. He must have had a dutiful wife who washed his clothes every Saturday morning for him to understand the dynamics of the Saturday morning sun like that.

As at 9am this morning the sun was already at a high of 32degrees and making it almost impossible to step out of the house if you haven’t stepped out earlier.

You know I coach the wheelchair basketball team at the old Kaladan stadium around 8am and I almost didn’t go. But I really had to go because I haven’t been there for over a month and I had to absolutely check on their progress since I last saw them.

Kpakpo there is something very fulfilling about seeing a project improve the lives and also the people you train get better at what you are training them to do. These disabled people came to the sport just loving the sport but with dedication they can now call themselves a team.

The individuals, who hitherto came to train and walk away without actually talking much to each other, now sit together and talk about their welfare and also help each other out not only in prayer but in physical support.

Formerly people who were weak in the sports were shouted at to back up or stop wasting the others’ time but now these people are softly spoken to on working on the skills at which they are deficient and even some members offer to help after hours.

I was dumbfounded and the whole time I was there I didn’t say anything except to correct one guy on his shooting ability.

Kpakpo I am thinking of making this team go far such as compete with some teams in other regions so that one day when there is a selection of the national team for wheelchair basketball, some members of this team will be selected and it will not only be the pride of the individual(s) but of the whole team.

It was announced yesterday that the lights will go off the whole of today and having done training the team I was left with what to do whilst I wait for the light to come on. It was bound to be a long day.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, your sister has been a good roommate, best friend and companion and she has carried our family on her shoulders for a long time.

After taking care of me last night I woke up to breakfast in bed. She had to rush out to represent us at about 3 social events we absolutely had to go so she rushed out of the house. Meanwhile she had laundry piled up for her to do.

So in waiting for the lights to come back on, I switched the laptop on to battery power for some music and set out to at least wash MY own clothes. 

Yeah! Call me selfish but in my own opinion Kpakpo that is helping out a lot especially since most of the clothes are mine and I haven’t done laundry before since I moved to the savanna.

Another thing I suppose is that if there was electricity, I would’ve been watching a soccer match or probably just be on social media on my phone with the fan blowing warm refreshing air on my naked testicles. You know we don’t wear any clothes when we are home alone right.

Nii Kpakpo, now my laptop battery has run down and there is no electricity is any public place in this part of the savanna I can tap into except the Vodafone café which I thought closed at 3.

Apparently they close at 2pm so getting here ten minutes past 2 makes me not liable for entry. My target was to get here early and then sit inside and plug in the laptop so send my letter to you.
Oh! And yes! Your people have stormed the place. You know your people  – the young internet fraudsters.

There is this small private room away from the main café auditorium mainly for people with their own laptops and executives who want to do business online or conference calls and these boys have taken the room over. With nowhere else to go, every time there is a total black out in this part of the savanna this is where they all converge and it is interesting to see the antics they are up to especially keeping an eye on each other to make sure they are not servicing the same clients.

There was this one time, a young man realized that by just passing by him one other young man had stolen the email address of a client he was talking to and managed to cross him and broker a better deal than the former was offering.

This resulted in an instant fight that was right there in the Vodafone courtyard. They usually don’t even wait to get home. They take it out on each other there and then. I have witnessed 2 of such fights and it isn’t pretty.

I am in a dilemma since I have to charge my phones, my tablet and also my laptop whilst sending this letter to you and all I need is a socket with electricity anywhere in the yard. You’d be surprised the places I checked.

First I checked both the male and female toilets. It was after I had realized that there were no sockets there that I asked myself if I would really had sat in the female toilet of a public place charging my gadgets and typing on my laptop. The idea did not sound the ridiculous when I first thought of it.

The next place I checked was the mechanic shop and the makeshift mosque attached to it. The idea to check this places really sounded good at the time but in hindsight were ludicrous just as the toilets idea.

Finally I had to gather courage to ask the security man to let me use his office. Luckily he’s a kind hearted man and he understood that I had to absolutely send this letter and furthermore there is a couch which is not too far from the electric socket and he even offered to provide me with an extension board so I can be comfortable in the couch whilst my head remains clear to write and send you the letter.

Kpakpo, these acts of random kindness can be seen all over this savanna region and I have told you about how some people will give you lifts in cars or motorbikes out of their way just so you can be comfortable.

This sort of kindness you hardly see in the Bearded Man City more or less because of matters of trust and safety concerns. You might give a person a lift and he might end up sticking a knife into your side to hand over your car or your valuables.

The kind of stories I hear of the capital scares me whenever I have to head your way for whatever reason. And to think that I’m a Ghanaian how much more a foreigner or a tourist who has never been into the country?

Anyway, Nii Kpakpo, I’m sure you will be surprised that I have written you 3 letters in a matter of 24 hours. Don’t worry I guess it’s because I found my muse.

Met a young lady last week and saw her again last night at the night club and she got up from her seat and joined me in mine. We spoke for just about 3minutes before her boyfriend and companion whisked her away but I got home and realized that there was an urge to write and I have been writing since then. Was awake half the night writing and might later publish some of the articles and maybe word plays.

Anyways Nii Kpakpo, whilst I’m writing this my gadgets are charged and I will soon be heading out. I can’t stay here too long else I overstay my welcome in the security man’s office.

Apparently his boss just came in and locked himself in with a fair lady visitor so I’m sure he can’t talk much otherwise I would be hearing words.

Till I write again soon, it’s still me

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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