Job Search

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

In the light of the current economic situation of the country aggravated by the government debt owed me, it has become imperative that I find another job to be able to survive in my own motherland.

Money has become hard to come by these days unless you’re a political crony or within politics itself and surprisingly even the politicians are complaining.

What is this I was hearing over the radio few days ago. A member of Parliament claims that their money is not enough for them to pay school fees (whose), hold constituency meetings in their various constituencies and not enough to host funerals. Wow! Now hosting a funeral is justifiable cause for a politician to make a case for a salary increase especially when they have all those subsidies with utilities and fuel and a myriad of tax free allowances.

Damn! This country is rotten. I’m forced to believe that some of us are doomed who can’t stand politics and politicians.

So yes Nii Kpakpo I decided to go look for a job and my first point of call was this remedial school where the primary students assemble every morning.

Luckily I got to talk to the proprietor himself. When I expressed interest in teaching he asked what courses I could teach to which I told him Social Studies and History. I had already studied the time table stuck to a tree trunk on the premises. He shook his head to mean whatever I couldn’t read then with a blank look asked me “level of education?”

Acting the idiot that I am I said oh but this is a senior high remedial school right? Then he said “No! Meant your level of education”. Kpakpo this is a place I’ve been passing every day around the same time they are sitting in groups to play basketball and they already seemed to have formed an opinion of who I am. You should have seen the look on his face when I said “Masters”.

It would’ve seemed to him I was responding to the Phobia slogan and then he managed to stutter slash stammer “in what?” Why would it disconcerting for the man when I told him I had a masters. Anyways he managed to tell me to submit a CV.

After the incident didn’t submit the document until days later and meanwhile I was acting like the conversation never happened. I just greet and pass. The day I handed the document over I could sense he was eager to verify I hadn’t lied but didn’t want to show it and instead of leaving I just stood there waiting for him to say something. When I walked away I didn’t look back.

Then it was back to the waiting game.  Waiting to get a feedback on my application. I walked there the other day and waited for him to get to the premises and then I approached him all jovial to check on the feedback of my application.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson what I knew would happen did and it happened as exactly as I thought it would. It took him a few seconds to recognize me as “the man with the long cv” and then the harangue about “already have full compliments of teaching staff but someone could get sick or pregnant or indisposed then we can call on you to step in”.

Then he concluded by saying “that was a very rich cv”.
I just laughed.

Who acts as a substitute teacher in a remedial school nowadays and he wasn’t the first person I was hearing these same words from. Like a good friend of mine keeps telling me, maybe I should ‘lighten’ my cv a bit so proprietors like him don’t feel intimidated by my experiences.

Oh yeah! Giving it a serious consideration.

So Nii Kpakpo that’s how my job search attempt went and I’m sure there will be more. Will tell you about them as and when they happen.

It’s my birthday today and I wonder what Dr Boom of Rawlings fame is up to since his government is in power. He’s probably lighting fires in front of the ultra modern Flagstaff House I’m sure but that’s his own prerogative.

Kpakpo I’ll be in the capital at the weekend and will be for maybe a week. I think I’d work from there for a few days because my boss wants us to write some proposals and I can use the time to write them. 

We could also hook up for celebratory drinks one evening with some friends. Will call you when in town.

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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