Fasting Season

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

This is a gonna be a pretty short letter. As usual we are hearing the stories of rain floods in the capital again and I’m sure wherever it rains some folk hold their heads in their hands and the longer it rains the more flood waters we have. Where is the bearded mayor and what is he doing about it?

Here in the savanna the sun is always up and it usually only rains at night making it so cool and enjoyable to sleep at night. Luckily the lights don’t go off often.

My bills are piling up because this government refuses to meet its commitment to me and thinking I was worse I met a colleague teacher who hasn’t seen a dime from the government after three years of being in the classroom.

Kpakpo, now with all that is going on does the government expect a guy like that to be teaching the pupils anything wise or stress himself about how the children get an education especially if such a teacher has been transferred from Accra. This is not an isolated case but it seems its trending all over the country in different professions.

It really bothers some of us that the government has no money to do certain things but has money to do others. Kpakpo, when the reports came out that the cedi was falling against the dollar the Bank of Ghana released $2million dollars into the system for 24million Ghanaians to have to share then in a twisted tale now releases $3million to 26 individuals to share when confronted with bonuses for Black Star players. Would you say the government was held to ransom?

Nii Kpakpo, savanna people will admit that the economy is hard but then when you remind them that Prez Mahama is the head of government then they shut up because in their eyes he does no wrong and when other places are blaming the president for Ghana’s woes, savanna people are blaming the government.

It is true the economy has become very hard due to external circumstances but also Kpakpo you know we got management and policy issues.

Well there is a new trend in the savanna where people now do not trust banks anymore and as such are putting their money into their mobile money wallets instead of bank accounts. After all they want to save the money somewhere and they don’t care where just that they can have access to their money any time they want. The mobile money wallet has become the most effective method of transaction. Was in one such shop when a guy came to deposit a large sum of cash into his mobile money wallet to top up his already existing balance which from what I overheard takes him to beyond GH 10,000cedis.

Well now we hear there is a loan facility to be accessed to build schools and provide sanitary pads for gals because the gals fail to go to school when having their menses. Has anybody checked if there are social implications and explanations as to why they don’t go to school a that time? Whether it is taboo within those ‘deprived societies’ for these girls even to be seen in public when it is that time of the month for them and then also find out what were their grandmas doing when there were no sanitary pads?

Did they bleed freely?

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, as I write this I’m sitting at home too broke to even get a cab fare to get to work and since I don’t have a motorcycle why would I bother with any Better Ghana Agenda that doesn’t benefit me in any way. As one of my colleagues pointed out to me when queried on his absence from the office, ‘how can I distribute relief items to disaster victims when there is a looming disaster (bills piling up) in my residence?’

Well it is fasting time and as such at least he won’t have food issues as I jokingly told him. The date fruits are out and being sold on every street corner and my breakfast routine as well as some of my eating out habits are messed up because the sellers are not available to sell since they are all fasting.

Food vendors are up early and sell foods up to 5am thereabouts and also in the evenings after 6pm where you see people lined up to buy food.

This is the best time for a bachelor to befriend a ‘wura’ somebody who sells something because then you get protocol treatment. Moreover it is also best if the girl thinks it is a relationship that she perceives can lead to marriage after the fast.

Kpakpo this is the most tempting season because the Muslims have to keep themselves holy and true Muslim will stick to the tenets and principles of the religion to see it through one month of fasting and abstinence in a whole lot of things.

Allah grant them strength.

Meanwhile life in the savannah goes on.
You keep going on too.

Your cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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