Kumasi Outdooring

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Yes sir! He has done it again. God has been good to my family and added another member to my brother’s growing family. He now has 2 gals and a cute troublesome boy. He is only troublesome when he sees other boys his age trying to show them that he’s the boss and makes shouting noises all over the place. Otherwise half the time he’s a very quiet seemingly shy boy who would cry at the least provocation.

So last weekend we took a trip to Kumasi, where my brother lives with his family to attend the naming ceremony. We had to take a bus from here and these days bus fares are so expensive that you wish you could reduce the number of travel times in a year especially with our current economic crisis. We don’t have electricity, basic commodity prices are rising, salaries remain stagnant and the currency is devaluing faster than a witch’s instant spell on a giant to be reduced to a dwarf.

Please this is just a metaphor and I haven’t referred to any political statements of the currency being controlled by dwarfs oh..

Nii Kpakpo, just when we got to the station we were approached by the loading boys and informed of a private car that was also going but driver wanted company. Well, I always go for those ones rather than the crowded buses because chances are that some of the local people will be travelling on the station car and sometimes you don’t wanna mess with  some of these people.

Just saying.

I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in general population transport and that has led to the permanent decision of avoiding some bus terminals that are relatively cheaper and go for the luxury ones, quite expensive but comfortable.

Kpakpo, every time I’m leaving the savanna for the south I express some misgivings. It is like I don’t want to go but it is necessary. It is very comfortable living up north with less traffic and less dumsor and even more credit and data time than in our more developed and concentrated cities like Accra and Kumasi.

It was a fun ride to Kumasi. You know I always enjoy traveling by road and especially when I’m in good company. But your sister lately has become a drag to travel with.

Well, I have to look over my shoulder to say this. She’s not a total bore but I see a different person from my fun traveling companion where we used to laugh and compare notes of the places we knew and had been. I miss those days. They are still there but I guess maturity caught up with her quicker than it did me.

Nii Kpakpo, in Kumasi we hooked up with our fellow ‘dummies’ and had one night out trying to paint the already dark night black to hilarious results. Kumasi night out with the fellas was a blast and those guys are good hosts. Maybe I can hook you up to them when you are next in Kumasi.

From After Six to Queensgate to Echoes to Plus 233 to Manjarro the drive around town and pub hopping antics was one for the books.

Kpakpo! Your sister hasn’t left her dancing abilities to chance at all. That typical twerk only indigenous to the Nigerians and the Gas (who hail from Ile Ife in Nigeria) was predominant in her moves and she was the only woman who kept getting stares and we had to take turns to dance with.

Oh wow! What a night.

Next day was spent preparing for the event with various rounds having to be made and the women came out to cook the various meals for the function. Well, whilst they were cooking I was sampling to find out if there was enough salt on the fried chicken or fish and also if the cakes had enough sugar in them. When they couldn’t find a use for me anymore I went on an excursion and discovered that the facility we were staying had a gym.

Noted it in my mental notepad.

Later in the day I went to the Paa Joe stadium of the KNUST to play basketball. Kpakpo you know I call basketball therapy so I was expecting that being a Friday there will be people on the court and at least I could get to play. Yes there were people alright but they were playing a volleyball match.

You know how every year the various universities compete against each other at sports meets like we used to go in our days in the university? The Ghana Universities Sports Associations  (GUSA) games is just around the corner and as such athletes and sportsmen and women were in camp and were training on the field and courts hence loads of activity at the stadium.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, I met some American students who were on the court and apparently had come for a one month exchange course at KNUST out to play and ease a bit of tension. They introduced a game we could all play called 21. It is a street ball basketball game where all the players score in one basket and the first to get to 21 wins. Now imagine 18 people on a half court playing that game.

The whole time I was playing the game all I could think of was ‘wow! You can’t play a game like this in the savannah’ and the whole time I was laughing. I was having so much fun and I was winning because it was easy to play with people who were also out to have fun and the competiveness didn’t matter. It was all about easy camaraderie and fun.

Kpakpo you can’t play such a game in the savanna because the people are naturally competitive and nobody will want you to win so you can just say you won over them. If it was in the savanna, there will be more than a few knocks left, right and centre but there will also be some red on the court. Aggression characterizes the savanna game.

Kpakpo the naming ceremony went well and we went to church on Sunday then later on headed home. Got home around midnight Sunday and it was pretty good to be back home.

I’m planning on going to Bearded Man City, into the capital of filth in this country, and I’m dreading the late nights in darkness etc. but hey I gotta get out of here for a few days to clear my head.

Will write to tell you about the Africa World Airline fiasco before I head out to your end.

Keep the faith. Ghana will be better.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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