Strange Happenings

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Recently I’ve heard some stories up here in the savanna that makes me realize just how gullible people are in this country. Not only that but also how it’s so important that people get educated on how stuff works. Lemme give you an example.

So I was talking to this teacher in one of the remote rural areas and he told me an interesting story. I won’t bore you with the whole story but the long and short of it is that in these remote areas they don’t see the school as a place of learning but rather as a day care centre.

He tells me that a father can come to the school and take out his child in Primary 6, with the excuse that the child is needed on the farm. He doesn’t just take him out but he replaces that child with a 4 year old saying that the little should “stay with teacher” whilst they go to the farm.

The school is now a day care and teacher now a babysitter.

When the story was told it sounded funny at first but I realized things are different here in the savanna. This is a father who only understands the needs of his family and that doesn’t include a long term investment of education. The child can only go to school as long as he’s not required in the farm.

So Nii Kpakpo you know how the economy has become hard lately and folk looking for bargains. Everywhere you go in the country people are looking for a way to get stuff cheaper or stuff that prices haven’t gone higher than they  bought it the last time.

So I’m walking past the Asamoah Gyan advertising Melcom shopping mall here in the savanna and I decide I have almost run out of those comfy socks that I wear to play ball. Kpakpo don’t you find it interesting that they have a soccer star promoting their brand of stores and the only thing I buy on a regular from them is that particular socks for my sports. They are absorbent cotton and ensure that the sweat on my legs don’t go to my feet to make my feet smell. And they are cheap (only cost 50p) so I get them on a regular because when they get dirty I just throw them away and get another pair.

There was this one time I even went into the store not wearing any socks, bought a pair and when I got to the paying cashier there was a long line so I wore the socks in the shop and showed the wrapping to the gal to bill me for. She looked confused so I told her I was wearing them already since I was already late for my game.

So I went in to get the socks and collected just 4 pairs to pay for. When I get to the cashier this time to pay, the young gal says it’s 80p. Here is me thinking they have increased the price from 50p to 80p which will indicate that it was gonna cost me more and I’m about to flip and get mad and like every other Ghanaian blame Mahama.

Then the cashier seeming to understand my confusion smiles sweetly and tells me that the said amount 80p is for the whole set of socks I bought and not just for one because there was a “sales promotion” going on.

Kpakpo! I was shy huh. The cashier said something funny about me picking a basket and just collecting all the socks on the shelf next time when I come shopping. We all laughed and I paid for the socks. It was whilst I was leaving the shop that I did a quick calculation of how much each pair of socks cost and what I was initially ready to spend for them.  Why not just spend same amount before the promotion ends.  I’m thinking “they might even change their minds today.”

So I go back into the shop and I get 10 more pairs ready to hoard and last me a long time.

Yes Nii Kpakpo Thompson talking of hoarding, it is being rumored that the fuel shortage will hit the country because there is no supply because of debt to distribution agents. It’s now cash and carry at that level too.

Here in the savanna the hoarding has started. People are driving motor king trucks filled with gallons to the fuel station and just filling them up. One motor king truck can take about 24 of the “mahama butas” and witnessed three being loaded in one hour.
What I think is gonna happen is that these guys sell the fuel at the roadside at a steeper price than they bought it by far. And since their clients mostly use motor bikes that is pretty easy.

So Nii Kpakpo, so are we hearing of some foot soldiers of the ruling party having been taken to support the national team now seeking to be full Brazilians by seeking political asylum in that country. And OMG! Over 200 of them too?

You see the gullibility of the African I keep talking about? We’ve taken it abroad thinking the white man is as gullible and stupid as we are to take everything piecemeal. Kpakpo did you hear their excuse for seeking political asylum?  There is Muslim /religious conflict in Ghana and they are escaping it. You escaped a religious conflict to go watch soccer and now you don’t wanna go back home.  Where is the correlation here I find myself asking.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson! This is a country that hired a plane to jet $3M cash to a bunch of ingrate footballers for ten days of “work” whilst the economy was falling apart.

But hey, I don’t blame the asylum seekers. Wasn’t it just a few light years ago when somebody said that if you can’t stand the heat find your passport and get out of the country. These foot soldiers are lucky they didn’t have to foot (no pun intended) the bill themselves to get out but get out they did _ at government expense. And now they are out and the government think they’re slandering them.  Would you believe our ministers said the stories were rumors. Well, rumors originated by the BBC huh?

Well Nii, we’re doing the best we can to affect lives and make better lives any way we can in the savanna. As to what goes on in the capital and people’s sense of the capital being the whole country it’s up to them. This country is gradually going to the dogs but now like I’m fond of saying, hope is the only thing we got left and we keep praying the ECG doesn’t put out the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ghana must work!

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy 


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