Lessons from the well

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So today your sister gave me a task of washing our dirty laundry since we’ve both been busy and we have an untidy stock pile of dirty clothes. To wash the clothes I’d have to fetch water from the underground well just behind the house. It is whilst I fetch the water to go wash the clothes that I get this revelation that I want to share with you.

Kpakpo I find myself taking lots of lessons from how to get water out of the well into a bucket for use. First you got to be intelligent enough to tie a sensible knot to the handle of a bucket which you’re going to use to fetch the water. Then you have to throw that bucket /pail into the water to fetch some water and then draw it out and pour into another bucket before you get to use it.

Now any3mi let’s liken this to our daily life’s situations.  To get to tap into an available resource it’s is important.that we get the proper tools and skill set to be able to access the resource. In this case it’s the skill to tie the knot to the pail and also how quick you draw the water depends on how you throw in the pail.

Furthermore how much water you draw out after every attempt depends on how you can turn your hands to manipulate the pail lying in the water to get some of the water into it before you draw it out. That is a skill and the more adept you are at it the faster you fill your bucket and leave the well site and move on.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, you see now that it’s obvious that even in the rural areas every time that they go to fetch water at the well there are lessons to be learnt. In these times there are easier ways of doing things and now there is the borehole where you pump water out and I think the obvious lesson on that one is that there is always a simple way of doing things.

As for getting tap water like in the urban areas, the only lesson I can pick up is that with the current situation in Ghana and the sort of scandals we heard recently, I won’t trust that it is well treated water so I consider it like that.

Anyway, please spread the awareness so that any time we find ourselves in the village fetching water from a well, there are lessons to be learnt from just such a simple exercise.

Kpakpo, I did do the washing and afterwards very tired so took a nap.  Have to go take the stuff off the drying line. You take care and will keep in touch.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy.


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