Savanna Boy in The Capital

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

The chale wote street carnival heralded my arrival into Bearded Man City with all the fanfare and display of culture and social norms. The festival is done to coincide with the celebration of the traditional festival of the Jamestown people of Ga Mashie.

The whole street of Jamestown is cordoned off for festivities and art works of different forms and expressions and even some International acts that were highlights and evidence of slave traditions practiced in the West Indies in the plantation era.

Nii Kpakpo imagine this savanna boy who hasn’t been to the capital in months seeing friends all over and you can not measure the excitement I felt being a part of the whole throng of revelers and people from all walks of life just there for the festival.

Festivals are also a place to showcase industrial products and various companies come to display their products and try to make an impact in the local market. These days it is either organic foods or going green environmentally.

It has been an eventful stay in Accra this time for me because there were many activities centred around this time. The Cape Coast Fetu Afahye event happened the same weekend that the Teshie Ga Homowo festival. The former I had been to several times especially for the Loya sponsored basketball game at the University of Cape Coast courts. However I’d never been to the latter so it was imperative that in making a choice I chose the one I’ve never been to.

Kpakpo, honestly both festivals are not quite different from each other.  The singing songs to expose corruption, the effigies, the youthful exuberance plus colorful clothes (including cross dressing), the throngs just shoving and jostling each other and just the general camaraderie and socialization that happens at such events not dissimilar when you juxtaposed the Afahye and Homowo. For a moment walking in those crowds felt like I was in either place. Didn’t really matter whether it be Accra or Cape Coast.

I’ve spent more time in Accra on this trip than ever maybe because of nostalgia but I still do not want to come back to Accra. I haven’t been able to readjust to the stress and the hustle and bustle fast paced urban cosmopolitan city life with its attendant problems like traffic, overcrowding and pressures on social amenities so I’d be off in a few days back to the savanna.

Anyways, The Bearded Man has been elected the President of the Association of Mayors of the world or one such organization and it is interesting the twists I heard some Taxi drivers put to it. The summary of their conversation is that Accra happens to be the cleanest city in the world so he won the position as an award. 

Honest to God Kpakpo I’m not saying this. That’s what they said and it only showed me how gullible some people are that they should even think like that and especially cabbie drivers who drive to various parts of the city especially at night and see the piles of filth all over.

But in a country where the president of the nation rolls his sleeves and puts on Wellington boots to descend into the gutter to desilt the filth and sand whilst the mayor swings with dance steps in a smock and claps his hands, who can blame the taxi drivers for their line of thought.

Furthermore,  it is not really surprising that even Tamale is also becoming like that being the central point in the savanna.

Well Nii Kpakpo, let me end here and continue when I get back to base because there would be juicy stories waiting for me to tap into.

Keep being you and spreading the word that Ghana will get better if only Electricity Company keeps on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your cousin in law
Savanna Boy 


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