Blown Away

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Being in the savanna is really an eye opener especially with the kind of people I tend to meet everyday. Like I said in some earlier letters, in dealing with northern people sometimes you really have to keep a tabla rasa but even though I’ve been living here almost 2 years I still get bowled over once a while.

This is one of those times.

Kpakpo, I got to the office that morning and as usual it was a quiet day in the office. Usually most of the office folk sign in and sit around to talk for a while and then when there’s nothing to do they just up and leave. From time to time politics and social issues are discussed in the office and since it’s usually in the local dagbani dialect I hardly participate and just type away on on tablet on social media or just browsing the internet.

But this time I couldn’t help what they were talking about so I had to listen in for a while. Oh Kpakpo! The local dialect is interspersed with enough English language to pick up a few phrases and sometimes in emphasizing a point they switch to English without even realizing it. The topic for this day was the political situation in Ghana and how everything was tied to politics in Ghana.

To the point that even when you sneeze it is interpreted to denote which side of the dual political divide you’re on based on what you say after you sneeze such as “Ghana is hard”. Saying that could be interpreted to mean that a person thinks Ghana is hard because of mismanagement of resources or I don’t want to go into details of how the mind can spin stories around just one sneeze.

Now to the crust of the matter. Nii Kpakpo Thompson Ididn’t know there were people in Ghana so blinded by politics that they won’t even bother to think through the issues. Oh! When I put it like that it’s like I’m putting out a blanket statement. What I should rather say is that I didn’t think there were adult very literate people who were rd blinded by politics they will defend even ill will against their mothers once it is perpetrated by the political party.

I won’t want to call such people political hypocrites, fanatics or sycophants but when things are not going well and some decisions have to be questioned & they’re not, then we all begin to wooder what’s going on somewhere and try to fix it. It affects us all.

Kpakpo but not when this literate political dimwits say all is rosy.

Case in point is that the argument in the office was about politics permeating every aspect of society and how the two horse race that has now become the pervading factor in Ghana is a winner takes all so all die be die situation.

What should actually be the case is that civil society should be separated from partisan politics so that even with a change in government at any time the politics doesn’t affect the government machinery. Government should be able to function devoid of politics.  When a political party wins elections, it shouldn’t mean that key government positions will have to be changed and reshuffled making I impossible for the government to function properly since the key decision makers are asked to “proceed on leave”.

This simple logic in my opinion even buttressed by the American example didn’t sit well with those arguing.  So then I ask “what’s the difference between” the political party and civil service. 

And this is where I’m bowled over. 

Kpakpo I was made aware categorically that when a political party wins, only party members should fill positions of public service. Any other party member was likely to be disloyal and as such even if nobody qualified for the position, anybody could do the work. Qualification wasn’t important.

What??  Nii Kpakpo! To say I was shocked will be an understatement.  What happened to GHANA FIRST where the interests of the nation supersede that of the political party or Evey individual interests.

With such mentality going on in our society coming from no less than tertiary educated students then what would the masses be thinking. Makes me wonder!

With such thoughts how can we achieve the development we hope to gain in the near foreseeable future. Truly this nation is screwed. The body politic is sick for educated people to think this way that when we elect leaders we elect them so they alone can make decisions for the whole population. Does it mean that they are the only people with the developmental ideas and nobody else can think through with them?

Nii Kpakpo these are some of the thoughts that run through my mind as I recover from the reeling blow dealt me when I realize that indeed it doesn’t matter that these people don’t even know the definition of civil service as against partisan politics.

And we expect the nation to be any better soon??

Please any3mi lemme go nurse my wounds and pray that the tap is flowing so I get some running water to wash the dizziness off my face. Where we’re heading is pretty bleak and I’m still praying fervently that the Electricity Company (I hear it is going to be sold) still keep that flicker low current light bulb on at the end of the tunnel.

Till I write to you again soon
It’s me

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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