Harmattan Comparison

Dear Nii Kpakpo,
On my trip to Accra people were asking me what the harmattan was like in Tamale because it had just gotten to Accra and city dwellers dread the cold and dry winds. The harmattan carries with it a lot of dust and dryness and hitherto people thought that it was worse up north because people’s legs and skins were dry and just cracking up. So you expected to walk in the streets and hear the cracking sounds of human skin splitting.
The winds in the north are no different from the winds in the south but the only difference is that with the amount of filth that Accra is in now, the dust tends to be more harmful to the health of the city dwellers as compared to the raw dust of the north.
Kpakpo, also being by the sea it meant that there were extremely cold nights and pretty hot days although the hot days are nothing compared to the heat up north. Whilst Accra recorded 32 degree heat at the peak of the day, the north recorded heat levels up to 38 degrees and sometimes 40. It is interesting to note however that the north also recorded morning temperatures as low as 17 degrees in some wooded areas. These are areas that get extremely cool because of the agricultural protected woods and forests.
So imagine closing your windows shut because it was cold at night and being woken up by the heat that was already at 28degrees by 7am in the morning.
Nii Kpakpo, I was going through some social media posts and I saw Ameyaw Debrah for example post a video blog about the advantages of the harmattan especially in this dumsor era. According to him in harmattan, because the weather is dry, he could wear a shirt he had worn at home already to the office because he didn’t sweat a lot in the harmattan dry weather. Oh please! That won’t happen up north. Inasmuch as the weather is dry the winds are humid and with temperatures as high as indicated earlier, you are bound to be drenched in sweat which makes it very uncomfortable to wear long sleeved shirts because your underarms get soaked pretty quickly. Your best bet is to invest in a very good deodorant and in this case the sports ones are best, not the cosmetic ones.
In letter regarding the harmattan I sent to you last year, I think I went into the details of the harmattan here in the savanna so I will not bore you with any more details but just tell you to go refer in your archives and find that letter and read. That is if you haven’t already used the letter to exchange for your favorite ‘graphic and times’ from the seller by the gutter on the junction.
The harmattan is over now and we even had a few showers but all of a sudden the cold weather in the mornings have set in again. Maybe we can attribute it to global warming which is making the whole weather go bonkers like a compass in a strong magnetic field. Well, we live to see.
Lemme just end here since I got a meeting with your sister and you know how impatient she gets when I don’t show up early. That’s my one treasure from your family so I gotta treat her exactly as she is – a gem.
You take care of you and I will write again later when I can.


Your Cousin in Law

Savannah boy


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