Indi what?

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Oh Yes I was going through the updates on my timeline when I saw that you were pretty pissed that folk were sending you motivational messages but think of it, in this state of our nation why would we not become motivators for ourselves when our politicians are selling hope.  Honestly I read it and I thought you were right.

In these times Ghanaians have become all copy copy and now some gals I hear are even asking for independence gift. One friend on one of the social media platforms advised that when your girlfriend asks for an Independence gift just give her one miniature school flag and a school uniform and send her to the Independence Square to march.

This marching thing too I have a problem with it Papa Nii. For weeks now in the primary school in my hood, some students haven’t been to class because they were preparing for independence march past.  Can you imagine the productive hours that could’ve been spent in the classroom being used to practice and rehearsal for 6 March march past?

OK! So after all it has always been the tradition that school children and a few officers get to do an Independence Day display at the Independence Square and this year I was ably informed that your cousins fiance will be the army officer jumping from the hovering helicopter on to the Independence Square to hand over something to the president.

We were ably informed to watch but like several million other Ghanaians, we didn’t get to see the parade because they were all on DUM Thanks to this government  administration.

Furthermore the state of our nation is characterized by our lack of priorities when instead of talking of our independence prior to the day itself we find our news media more interested in the weather forecast for the day in question. Just because the president got wet last year?
What a nation we have become.

We find journalists scrambling to ask the Ghana Meteorological Services putting them to task to be right for once in their existence. Apparently, the android applications such as Accuweather and others have become more accurate in predicting the weather than all the resources of the state outfit.

Nii Kpakpo, the state of the nation address was read a few days prior to our independence day and you should see how so far I havent really heard any discussions in the Savannah.  Maybe it is because I havent cared that much to know. It’s so obvious where the nation is headed and as usual we all hope it gets better.

This word HOPE again!

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, back to the subject of independence one friend of mine asked me what was my vision for the country and when I gave my answer she asked me if I thought that was realistic and my answer was that all I could do was hope it gets better. The selfishness and bigotry in the bigotry is just too much. That coupled with the ignorance makes it a deadly cocktail for our country as a nation state.

The question on my mind that I Keep asking is what level of independence do we have when we still go abroad for basic needs. Basic social amenities and infrastructure are lacking and after how many years of independence, 58, we are more retrogressed than we were when we started.

Kpakpo, the independence day falling on a Friday affords me a Long weekend and this Savannah boy has decided to take a road trip to see two border towns of our country. As the saying goes Travel and see so I put on my independence tee shirt with the founder of the nation Kwame Nkrumah boldly emblazoned in front and start my tour.
Tamale – Techiman – Sunyani – Berekum – Dormaa – Kumasi – Tamale.

As usual you know I’ll tell you all about it when I get back so get curious to read about my trip. 

Happy Independence weekend.

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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