Food security

Dear Nii Kpakpo,
I have tried very hard to keep my cool in some latest events that are happening in our nation as a whole and if I were a cartoon character I’m sure my ears will be hot with steam coming out of as to what color my face will take I can’t tell you because I don’t know how a dark skinned person will turn red in anger.
That one too is another foreign phrase we’ve adopted – red in anger. 

But who cares …

Chale! My first beef with situations in our country. Recently went to a GCAP conference and I can see that foreign donors are trying to make food sustenance a priority for our populace and also make sure our farmers earn something for themselves to improve the standard of living of the people. The program supports up to 80% of the total production with foreign aid.  My question is, what is our government doing to help or what is their role in all this since the greater burden is borne by the foreign grants /aid?

Upon all this, there are still inadequate storage facilities and the food is still not enough so much so that we have to import to augment food production in Ghana when we have the land “just standing there” as one presidential aspirant put it and we also have the support of donor agencies.

Food is so relatively cheap in some areas in Ghana and it amazes me how the government can’t stabilize the prices and when this Same food gets to the capital the prices escalates sometimes as much as 600%.

What is wrong with us? Are we that greedy to the extent that we want to make excess profits just because there is a demand and as such there is the need to create an artificial shortage?

Kpakpo, I think the leaders are lax in some regard or it’s a blatant disregard for the standard of living of the people. There is the need to investigate the artificial shortfalls in food production and find ways of solving them rather than quickly resorting to importation.

Surely somebody’s ten percent is assured in the total cost of import and contract kickbacks. What a country!!

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, the food issue so dear to my heart and I advise my friends in the capital, don’t go to the upscale markets, buy at the local market or if you can afford it drive an hour or two out of Accra in any direction and you’d be amazed at the price of foodstuffs just a few miles from the capital. Once the food gets into the capital it takes on a life and price of it’s own.

A working nation is one that runs on a full stomach and our people from the coast have a proverb that “the sweetness of the sound of the trumpet depends on the weight of the trumpeter”. To wit the person blowing the trumpet must have a hefty meal to produce quality sound. 

This same analogy applies to citizenry. When the country has workers who are full (satisfied) then they’d put up an output that will be pleasant.

But here is the case, very basic social amenities can’t even be provided and citizens are grumbling under the weight of a dead goat.

A country that decides to rather invest in the beautification of the capital rather than concentrate on feeding it’s hungry population has already lost it.

But as always we don’t fall short of Hope and yours truly for one can’t wait to see the day food security is achieved in Ghana. 


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