The Heat is On

Dear Nii Kpakpo,
Truth be told I’m going to write this letter out of frustration for the weather patterns in the Savannah. Honestly I’m in a dilemma whether we can’t blame the dead goat for this one too. Haba!!

For the past few weeks the heat up here is just off the weather charts so much so that even when the pretty new lady who gives the weather forecast on the dead pulse of a television station has a smile on her face that I interprete as quite sarcastic. It is like she doesn’t really want to say the temperature for the Savannah regions and when she says it she has this all knowing smirk on her face.
Nii Kpakpo, I took a walk through the town and it’s so very commonplace to see people lying on the sidewalks and in open spaces asleep. If you didn’t know what was going on one would be tempted to think that the number of homeless people in Tamale have increased.

But alas! This is not the case. The weather has precipitated such actions.

As at writing this piece, it’s part midnight and it’s 33 degrees overall. However there is a cool breeze blowing outside but this sweet breeze somehow doesn’t get into the rooms.

(Doesn’t that remind you of how resources are allocated in our country and some sectors just don’t get any? Now it’s in the weather oh and you say I shouldn’t blame someone at the top?)

It’s also interesting that mosquitoes rather thrive in the rooms and not outside it so why not Let it be the best option to Sleep outside in the open air with the cool breeze rather than in the stifling heat of the ovenlike rooms.

So the people will rather sleep outside in the open air rather than in the discomfort of their comfortable rooms.

As I mentioned in my previous letter, you can pass through a lane and the whole family lies there sprawled in front of their rooms (there are mostly no courtyards)and the adults in the family compete against each other as to who sounds the loudest in the Alto Sleep choir.

If only they knew what kind of cacophony of sounds they made nasally every night they’d find some sound engineers and try out a couple of single songs that might just end up on the Ghana Music Awards. You never know.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, inasmuch as I can’t stand the heat it’s your sister I worry about because if there’s no air she will not be able to sleep and she gets grumpy in the morning. Sometimes when she’s leaving for work I feel sorry for some of the people she’s gonna come into contact with cos her usual oh-it’s -nothing smile will be missing.

As for me, the heat comes with the dust and thus the allergies kick in. It’s wheezes and trying to clear my sinuses all night Long. But thanks to Aboniki and Robb and a few ear buds and I’m sorted.

Chale! Even as I write I’m sitting in the dark heat and can only hear the breeze blowing through the leaves on the mango tree behind my living room window and the noise of that loose roofing sheet that the owner won’t mend but will wait till the storms set in and when it’s ripped off come to NADMO for relief.

Oh! Maybe someday I’d tell you about the hilarity of the relief items provided or maybe not cos I’m supposed to Keep company secrets.

Well, the heat is on and we’re managing. My next door neighbor has to put his 3 year old daughter in his parked car and switch on the air-conditioning for the little girl to Sleep before she is carried indoors and woe betides you that she should wake up before you put her in her bed.

Let’s just say nobody sleeps.

Kpakpo! The heat is on and we can’t wait for the rains. I see the curtains moving on one side of the windows. Lemme take the mat and lie on the floor on that side and see if I can catch some sleep myself.

Till I write again stay safe and expect me in the capital soon. Need to run away from this heat awhile.


Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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