Momma’s Fears

Dear Nii Kpakpo

Mothers are in the world. I swear my life on that. Sometimes I don’t understand how some people claim after they’ve grown older into adults that their mothers are witches who are out to destroy them.

Why didn’t she destroy you when you were in her womb for nine whole months but gave birth to you, immunized you against the six child killer diseases, wiped yo filthy ass, changed diapers only for you to become an adult for her to kill you?


Maternal instincts are such that sometimes even at my age I feel like my mom is over protective even though I got my own family now and it doesn’t get any easier especially now that I live in the Savannah. 

Kpakpo they say what an adult sees sitting down a younger person will not see standing on the highest tree.  This cliche is in reference to information and experience but nowadays science and technology has made it easy to get access to information so it’s not wholly true I guess.

There are times when that adult’s judgement could be clouded by one bad experience or the other or even misconceptions with dealing with certain situations.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson my mother has fears about my living up in the savanna.  Lemme try enumerate some:

Her first fear is of me riding on a motorcycle, even pillion. There was this one time she called me and the line was not clear since the wind was in my ears and I Told her I would call her back when I get off the back of the motorcycle. The woman nearly had a coronary on the other end of the line. She just screamed and hang up the phone.  Had to call her back to calm her down.

My mother’s next fear is the general fear of me living up north in itself. She’s had interactions with people from the north all her life and she claims they didn’t leave a good impression with her with social habits and some nuances. This is basically true of northerners and personally I think you have to get closer to them to understand them better as to why they do some of the things they do and act in certain way and manner.

There’s always a thin line between the tradition and culture and the religion and quite recently that line is even invisible.

Kpakpo, my mother’s fears are well grounded and I understand her. He even she has had different kinds of relations with people from the north and feels this way, imagine those who haven’t had at all but listen to the stories and then their experiences in Accra are of rowdy bands of youth that is associated with boys from the various zongos dotting the capital. This is not made any easier when the motorcycle bandits who snatch phones and attack people in the night (and sometimes broad daylight)are all allegedly of northern origin.

Because of my mother’s fears whenever there is disquiet up north, it doesn’t matter where, she calls me first to check if I’m alright with my family. Like her most Southerners assume that the savanna is just a small area and everything happens in some small space. You should’ve heard her reaction when I said the distance from one campus to the other of the main savanna university is 7 hours away by bus.

Yes! That’s how far on very good roads. You can’t say the roads are bad so causes delay hence the time. That’s the equivalent of traveling from Accra to Axim by road.

Nii Kpakpo, take any geographical map of Ghana and you’ll realize that just the northern region covers a border from one end (Togo)to the other end (Ivory Coast)and it takes about 26hours by bus to get across by road.

That’s just northern region.

Frankly paddy, I have come to realize that these fears are not unfounded but they are also not as bad as people portray it to be. My mother is not the only one with such fears but anyone who thinks about the savanna or north. People have Never been yet they are afraid to even venture because of all sorts of rumors.

But Nii Kpakpo it’s okay. That’s what blogs like mine and the letters I Send to you are for. Being open letters I’m hoping it will open people’s eyes and mindset to the realization that the north is not as bad as it is portrayed to be.

In other articles I have shown indignation about the kinda stories that come from the north seeming like only the bad news gets to the south and the fun part is taken out. 

We’ll do our best to project the savanna every way that we can and like I always say on the other side it begins with an awareness and a consciousness to do good.

It begins with YOU!!

Till next time when I write again

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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