Busy body

Dear Nii Kpakpo
It is with a deep sadness that I’m going to write you this letter. Oh! Don’t worry, inasmuch as it is a death it is not the actual death of a human being but the death of an aspect of humanity. 

But before I get to that Lemme give you jist as our Nigerian friends Keep calling noisy morsels of news happening everywhere.

Kpakpo, so it’s finally started to rain up here and I can confidently say that I am proud of how savanna people handled the rain so far and their business in these times. There are the Same people who see rain clouds and start running everyone wants to get home quickly before the main event.

Looks as if the capacity building and creating awareness with regards to floods and general weather disasters fell on the good fertile cow dung manure ears. Result is that we haven’t had any complaint to far even tho there are visible flooding the people know what to do.

What the rains also means is that the high end temperatures that has hitherto and recently characterized the Savannah weather is much bearable and better.

Kpakpo, the #iBelieveInReading project is giving me a lot of attention and I’m kinda enjoying it. The stories of giving out books to schools and to random people in the streets touches people to to find a cause to support or to do their own. People are gradually realizing that you don’t need big things to effect change or even try to make the world a better place but just to take the step and make bold strides, in the face of adversity of course, to try to make things happen in some people’s lives to make their lives a bit simpler. I’m pretty overwhelmed by the support and I love that there are people recognizing the need for change not in a big way but for the simple things in life such as child education.

Maybe one day I’ll post some of the fascinating stories I get in my inbox with regards to this project. Very touching stories indeed some of similar experiences, some of congratulations and some of well minded people and some organizations wanting to help out. 

Nii Kpakpo Thompson it’s very surprising that even though I live in the savanna I’ve been in the capital so many times that it looks like I’m moving back. Not so at all sir. Thing is that there are so many commitments in the capital that require my attention. One very good friend of mine comments that it takes him 7 months to decide to come up north and I breeze through the north and south like it was an Accra – Ho trip. Kinda made me realize how frequent my travel is and I need to slow down.

Kpakpo, can you believe that I’m writing this letter from Kumasi because I came to participate in BlogCamp2015, supposed to be the biggest meeting of bloggers in Ghana. It was so much fun meeting social media peeps you only know by their social media handles whether twitter, instagram or Facebook amongst others. It was also a platform for brainstorming on the way forward for Blogging in Ghana and social media (practitioners)in general.

Oh Yes! Kumasi has also come up with it’s fun. Thinking of picking some interchangeable r and ls like Alvalo (said by the waiter at Welcome Home pub near stadium)and the calling of strange names to some stuff such as “Sabina”(a young woman meant to ask the bartender if he had Savannah Dry in stock)

Well! It’s been fun in Kumasi and I gotta head back home to the savanna and to not only my work but my project that has become like a little baby that needs attention.

Oh Yes! And we have formed a volunteer support group in Tamale called Volunteers with Swag (would have to ask Admin Rukiya, a Mandela Washington fellow)how we got that name. This is a support volunteer group that basically is set up as a support group for any event. We’re just doing our little bit in making Ghana a better place.

Nii Kpakpo, did I just hear that The Bearded Man was elected the Best Mayor in is it Africa or the world? Wow! How was that possible and what criteria did they use. I always wonder how Ghanaians get to win such things when the situation on the ground doesn’t reflect the award.  But who am I to say?

Nii Kpakpo Thompson if you expected me to Talk about my heavy heart I’m sorry I didn’t get into it because I’m so sad I didn’t want to Talk about it. I’m actually mourning the dead goat and finally I hear it will be buried soon in some dark unknown spot probably aptly named Dumsor. Very sad.

Anyways Let’s Keep keeping on anyemi.

Kpakpo till I write again Let’s keep doing our bit to make Ghana great and strong in whatever we do or can do.
Volunteerism is life.

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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