Biometric Life

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Plenty has been happening up in the savanna and I haven’t told you plenty knowing you’re expecting me to tell you about events especially this side of the Acid Ocean.

Chale! See the way our politics is causing vindictiveness among our people and now it has come to pouring acid on regional chairmen and its attendant repercussions.  See how the opposition has been thrown into disarray by a dastardly act and how the other parties are interpreting it haphazardly.

But Hey! Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about about our political scene being one of dog bites dog and man gloating?

Now we’re hearing my savanna people have taken to arms and making their impact felt in Accra.

Whilst all this is going on I have always said that we need to know our history to see where we are headed as a people. Bob Marley put it pretty succinctly in a song when he said in this great future you can forget your past.  So here I was taking a trip to salaga to go see the remnants of ancestors of the diaspora people and There’s nothing really to write home about.  The roads are bad, the cars are rickety and the journey is tiresome. Anyways that’s done and we need to do something about our tourism sector.

Nii Kpakpo, I’ve been wondering What’s with this plenty Biometrics that we Ghanaians are being subjected to in every aspect of our lives. Let’s count the number of Biometrics cards an adult Ghanaian has:
National identity card
National/Mutual health insurance identity card
National passport
National drivers license
Now even your vehicle verification is done Biometrically
Biometrics identity and cards for civil service.

Recently we were sitting there when we were told that we’d need Biometrics verification for salary payment and to top it all off there is Biometrics for our social security and pensions.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, all these Biometrics for just one person?  I’m really not making this up and it sucks.

Can’t we as a developing nation in this time of technology just find a system where we could put all the info in one database so we can access it when we want? Or somebody’s crony is in charge of bringing in the Biometric machines and thereby getting a percentage kickback from all the materials used.

It’s such a shame.

Any3mi! Very soon my people here will need to do Biometrics to even go to the public toilets. They already dress for the occasion so it won’t be so surprising.

Biometric everything and yet we don’t see any changes in our lifestyles as in making things easily accessible for the average Ghanaian – just a pocketful of identity cards that look bulky in one’s pocket in a card holder.

Na wa to be a Ghanaian. 

Paddy! Lemme end here before I start weeping for being a Ghanaian. When I’m about to weep at being Ghanaian where does patriotism stand in the scheme of things. That’s a story for another day.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel they say, but like I always say how do you Hope when the company processing the light works at forty percent capacity and the nation has no tunnels but pipelines in which all the plans are.

Food for thought Nii Kpakpo.

Your Cousin in law,
Savannah Boy


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