Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Oh chale! The Last time I wrote you a letter on the flooding issues in Accra people said I was a doomsayer and a party pooper to the celebrations of our award winning Bearded Mayor and his hosting the conference of mayors.  But in hindsight none of those “against people” have come back to say I was right so I will gloat and say I Told you so.

Kpakpo what’s going on in the capital cos you know I’ve gone off news and so I don’t really keep up especially Since my twitter and Facebook news feeds that keep me informed have decided to also go on a news break on my gadgets. What happened to the national days of mourning? Did we spend them as holidays Since we love holidays or we sacrificed a dead goat to the gods to appease them to hold on to their bathing contest in the spirit realm.

The gods must really be crazy. How can you decide t hold a bathing contest when The Bearded Mayor is hosting al the other mayors in the most plush hotels in Accra and you just flood the whole place?
Crazy gods.

Hope they took the sacrifice of the dead goat and the promises of more goats to come.

Here in the savanna the heat is still on but due to the climate change we have somewhat low temperatures which is good compared to what we were experiencing a month ago. When the Meteorological Services people in Accra say that there are storms knocking on our borders we here laugh because those storms will hardly come by.

But Nii Kpakpo since when did we start depending on forecasts by those people. An organization that can forecast that a president will stand in rain to make an independence day speech needs to be commended for it’s lack of accuracy. I know they are trying but it’s always the same song and dance that they are under equipped and under staffed.

Oh! And I saw Reverend Nyakotey Quao on the news and man looked good.  He almost missed his calling in the lord’s vineyard predicting our nation’s weather. In his time he was a celebrity and I’m Sure the 90s children don’t even know who he is.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, another reason why I laughed so hard when I heard the Met people say there were storms coming is that I asked myself since when did Ghana become so poor that now our neighboring countries have to send us rain.  First it was Benin then we heard Cameroon. Knowing our strict immigration laws I knew those storms were not coming in.

Our immigration laws are so stringent that I have come to believe that only the Fulani nomads have been able to break through and anybody or anything else that wants to break through would have to use them as consultants.

In a land where everything is becoming Biometric, even a storm will need a Biometric ID to get in. Now you understand why they told us  later that the storms have been diverted into the sea. As my Nigerian friends will say “diverted nkor”. Sosket!

Any3mi it’s sad what happened in Accra and we in the savanna are trying very hard not to Let same happen here. There have been several programs and calls to residents to be on the lookout for things that cause flooding especially since most of our periurban areas here used to be rice paddies and hence swamps. But you know no  matter what precaution you take nature will always take its course and the mindset of the average Ghanaian will Let him/her fall folly to disaster one way or the other. We just have to keep it at a minimum. 
Anyways, it’s dawn now and I gotta get some sleep.  The alarm clocks just went off with the whole neighborhood coming to life characterized by the shouts of each muezzin to call the faithful to worship in the seven mosques around my house. That’s my cue to get some sleep before morning comes and to join your sister in that big bed of ours.

Keep being you and living life. Ghana will still work.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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