Savannah Tourism

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I recently wrote an article on the state of our tourism sites in the northern parts of Ghana and barely a month after, as if by coincidence, I hear the minister of tourism has carted her honorable self with an entourage of hopefully intelligent people to tour the north and see what the ministry can do to boost the tourism potential in these parts.

Like all the programs that have been embarked on in the past, I sincerely hope her report as well as the others before her including the ones from members of her entourage will not go gathering ‘cowboys’ on some dusty shelf for generations to come.

Kpakpo, when I first heard this, my first reaction was ‘tis about damned time’. In my other article I made mention of tourism being the third highest foreign exchange earner in this country and that is even in its raw state. Nothing has been done to improve it and our tourism is mostly concentrated in the south and even perceptions about the areas where tourist sites can be located up north is all negative and skewed. Why would a foreigner or even a local person visit a place that is known to be prone to violence at the drop of a hat or when haggling over the price of a guinea fowl can escalate into a civil war with serious ethnic undertones.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson that is what I’m talking about. I really hope the minister and her entourage really map out the north and something comes out of it. And any time at all I am available as a consultant on what can be done.

It is really up to us to market our tourist sites and up to government to make provisions, policies and also infrastructure available for these sites. I hope everything works well.

Kpakpo, I have said my piece and all I can do now is wait. Will get back to you when I have more stories for you.

Keep on keeping on..

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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