Ramadan Mannerisms

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

The moon is out again and I really admire the beautiful clear blue skies in Tamale since it’s not raining in Tamale though it’s raining everywhere else. We really don’t know what’s happening.

At the same time Kpakpo it’s also the Holy month for the Muslim fast known as Ramadan.

During this time it is very interesting to be amongst Muslims albeit their various ways and mannerisms. I have already written to you to tell you about Ramadan but every year gets more interesting.

Kpakpo this is a time when more often than not every business in this town is tuned in to the fast.  People use the fast as all sorts of excuse for example that they can’t do strenuous work and will close at a certain time to go have enough time to prepare to break their fast.

Nii Kpakpo, sometimes you’re in the middle of a program like a seminar and before Long the hall is half empty when the Muslim faithful have to leave to go break their fast. If you’re unlucky, some start preparing their ablutions right there in the middle of the program as I witnessed when one older gentleman just took out a Long chewing stick and started to clean his teeth spitting out particles of the stick right where he was sitting in the plush conference hall. Well, it’s only natural I should think but Hey, what do I know.

Any3mi the dates are out again and I’m not referring to the calendar but the fruit. It’s a very essential commodity in the breaking of the daily fast. As for food, I only have to wake up very early in the morning or wait till after sunset to get food to buy so in this one month the traditional delicacies I so enjoy will have to hold on till after the fast when everything settles back to normal.

It is really an interesting time to be up north at this time and I wish my Muslim friends well in their spiritual journey. Maybe I should just go get myself a jalabia and join in the fast.  After all I already eat with them sitting around fruits just talking about our motherland Ghana.  It’s really a period of generousity and it’s not surprising to see richer people sharing milk and sugar to fellow faithful at prayer places to help break the fast or even paying for food to be prepared so there are communal meals hotly available before or after the evening prayers. It is pretty admirable the generous spirit that characterizes this period.

Will keep you posted and all I know is that I’m so looking forward to the meat sharing when this Ramadan period ends,  Kpakpo.

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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