Rabbit Soup

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

My journey to Nakpanduri has been a very eventful one. Right from the moment when the rain set on us in the Benz bus as we entered the town and the bus didn’t have windows to protect some of the passengers from rain, I knew that it was going to be an adventure.

We had already been teasing one young man for sleeping most of the journey and sliding his head on to a fellow female passenger’s breasts and the lady had complained, no, more like protested, almost every twenty minutes of the whole journey until the guy had tried to keep wide awake after some time and didn’t go back to sleep. 

Kpakpo, me and my volunteer friends named the guy Commander and named the female passenger Commander’s wife jokingly and she also happened to be our guide on the journey listing the town names and consulting on how far we had to go.  It was at our stop that Commander told “his wife” that he was tired of her complaints and even the bus he was on, so he was getting off with us.  We had a good laugh with that because apparently he had also gotten to the end of his journey. Dude got down and took out a set of keys, exchanged pleasantries with a couple of young men around and jumped into an Opel taxi and sped off laughing.

Any3mi! The guy had just done the Nakpaduri version of Park and Drive.

Oh! I was impressed to say the least. Later on we met in the evening when we were having indomie at a wayside joint and he was all his jolly self. Guy is a good sport and a fine young man quite popular in the town.

Nii Kpakpo, the volunteer mentors for the mindshift program were so pumped up for the event that albeit being Muslims and fasting we were al awake by 3am and everybody was psyching themselves up for the event. It was really fun being in a room full of young intelligent Muslims seeking to make the world a better place one person at a time and all of us preparing for the same event.

In the morning, before we left for the event, we went hiking in the hills in search of the sunlight. The previous day when we arrived, we had already gone chasing the sunset which precipitated our decision to chase the sunlight too.

So Kpakpo, we ended up on a rock with a clear view of the sky to the east and waited for the sun to rise and OH MY GOD! it was worth it. Check out my Facebook photos to see some of the pictures. Nature is so beautiful and in this order I wonder how one would think that it just happened and there is no one responsible for such order and beauty.

God is indeed good and mighty.

Being this pumped up, inspired by nature and highly motivated, no wonder the program was a success. Apart from a few technical hitches, which were swiftly covered up with other events, the launch of the MindShift Foundation came off very well and the invited high school students were given an experience of a lifetime.

Kpakpo, can you imagine an unplanned musical interlude leading to the MindShift Foundation team led by the founder taking over the microphone to give the audience present some songs and before Long the excitement turned into a special request for one of the latest songs from Don Jazzy’s Marvin Records title GodWin which the team used for a dancefest.

What a day. Action packed from beginning to end even to the group photo sessions.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson I’m sure you’re wondering when I’ll get to the main ingredient of this letter – the “wabbit soup”.

In the morning on our way to the event we noticed a slaughter house and curiously went looking for the butcher in charge. They were slaughtering livestock and we noticed that there was rabbit too so we asked if it was for sale. We were then directed to a chop bar where apparently the proprietor was the one who had ordered for the animals to be killed to be used for soup. Upon further enquiry we were told that we could preorder if we bought one of the animals and it will be reserved for us.  I said a silent Amen in my head.

Any3mi you know me and you have a personal rule that when we travel on an adventure like this we won’t miss any of the local delicacies that are within that community and Ato Ulzen-Appiah also shares the same sentiments as we do. So with the choice between rabbit and pig I preordered and rabbit soup and all the time I was at the MindShift program my mind was on the soup that was going to crown my day.

Secretly I was thankful that my Muslim friends were fasting and wouldn’t share in my delicacy.

Kpakpo, we had so much fun at the program and the people that were with me were tired and some had to travel back so in the end I had to share the soup with only one other person. I must confess, the cook did a good job with the soup and it was when we went for it that we realized that the joint wasn’t a chop bar but rather a drinking spot specializing in pepper soup to go with the drinks sold off the counter.

You know that means that by the time we were done, after sending for the gari which we soaked to go with the soup, our noses were running as expected.

What a meal.  The last time I had rabbit was in high school in GSTS when the sixth formers used it for the A Level biology exam and afterwards took it to the dorms and roasted them. One of my seniors had given me a taste and it’s been lingering in my subconsciousness for over 2 decades. Imagine that.
Kpakpo, this trip has been very interesting and adventurous and the pictures I posted on some social media sites are making waves with people wanting to come visit with me again. I know there are other places around the north like this and I hope the Ministry of Tourism and even individuals take note of such places. With the vast lands available in this area for example, a state of the art retreat centre won’t be a bad idea at all. People can come over and just enjoy some hiking trails and the natural greenery all year round.  As for me I know I have found another beautiful spot in this country to rave about and that rabbit soup was to die for.

Heading back to Tamale now,  my ass hurts from the seats of the Benz bus and I’m all brown from the dusty roads. It would’ve been worse if this wasn’t the rainy season.  I’ve indicated several times that the roads to such places and the transport be improved to harness the potential of these places as money making ventures. Let’s hope, really hope it gets better.

Almost home now and I can’t wait to hold yo sister in my arms. Wasn’t feeling too well when I left to go have all this fun and it kinda feels selfish.
Kpakpo, will keep you posted on any activities up north and don’t worry too much about the conflicts you’re hearing about. Even the inhabitants of the other parts of the savanna are pissed at the people of Bimbilla for the reckless and senseless fighting giving rise to the negative reportage on the north in general. Let the journalists have a field day. Their time will come when all the twists and turns they’ve added to create sensation will be exposed as lies. 

Enough said!

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


One thought on “Rabbit Soup

  1. I approve this post.
    Important to explore places you go very well, including.having their delicacies.
    Now I yearn for rabbit soup too.

    Thanks for throwing more light on Nakpanduri.

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