Northern Disturbances

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

there is so much to say but it looks like i never find the time to sit down and write to you. with the Ramadan fast over, i am pleased to announce to you that the sellers are back ‘in their bulk majority’ as our one time second generation Ghanaian-Lebanese phobia chairman would say. so food is in abundance but it looks like with the way the fuel prices keep doing hopscotch, i will be having to fork more cedis for a simple meal than i used to and the signs are clear on the wall.

furthermore, the rains have also gotten here and it is interesting that upon all the education some people are just negligent and waiting on the national disaster management to come give them relief items. you should see the shock on their faces when i tell them that the organization is not about giving relief because how can we give relief when the stores are empty. moreover, the relief items are in no way sometimes related to the kind of disasters that occur. so for example, a person’s roof is ripped off and NADMO gives relief items of mosquito coils, a bowl of rice and sugar and maize. probably some roofing sheets, which are never enough.

how is that to assuage the victims suffering? but that is just what it is.

but Kpakpo, talking of flooding and disaster, what is it we hear of in Accra that when Kasapreko and Agya Appiah companies came on board to give some relief items, i hear boys are pouring buckets of water into their rooms to say that they qualify for disaster relief. Oh Ghana!

how true is it though.. lol

Nii Kpakpo, life up here has been hectic, boring and fun depending on who you are. recently i have been feeling tired in all these rounds with the frustrations of taking on so many projects both for myself and with the ones i am helping with. me and your sister both were admitted three short days of each other for malaria at the hospital and we almost spent the whole month going in and out of the emergency ward. the mosquitoes hit pretty hard.

but as the new hit term in Ghana says ‘oluwa is involved’.

this frustration went on until somebody introduced me to Max international products which are more of health enhancing food supplements containing cell enhancing enzymes to keep me going. truth be told, the products work magic. the science is solid and i will give you a call later so we can talk about it. and you know with the way the current economy is going we need to augment out salaries and other monies so there is a business side to it and for me it is a double whammer – get health and get wealth at the same time.

chale! what is it with this people up north and small thing nor fight and going on rampage. just when the adults in Bimbilla have been quieted down by the police and military there is another ruckus and this time students of some senior high schools. i remember in our time we had a few demonstrations here and there but they weren’t about destroying school property or beating our own teachers etc. these are remote parts and already the teachers do not want to come up north, even those born, bred and trained here want to go to Accra. then you are told not to take mobile phones or wear slippers, both very inappropriate to the exams halls, and the students defy and do the very thing that they were not supposed to do. when they are punished they go on a reckless rampage to destroy school property and cause unnecessary disturbance and the already volatile situation up north.

Kpakpo, obviously they rampaged on a whim without thinking of the ramifications of their actions and now there are going to be worse punitive measures than even the seizure of the mobile phones (most students up here use the chinese phones anyway, not even androids) or punishment slated for those in slippers.
i’m sure one school desk is even worth more than ten of the phones seized per GES pricing. that is government pricing for you and it should be expected.

honestly i am disappointed.

and apparently it is not only up here in the north but we heard on the news that somebody took a gun to the president’s church and he was caught when he got fidgety. thank God he has been sentenced but what was he thinking? to kill Mahama so that Amissah Attah becomes leader of government business? Eish!

well my conspiracy theory brain is working in overdrive but lemme keep it to myself. i could be called to the flagstaff house or behind those high white washed white walls at Ringway. and questioned and i don’t want your sister to panic.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, i just thought i should update you on what is happening up here currently and will fill you in on some of my philanthropic activities in my next letter.

Ghana is fast becoming something else but as a lot of pundits have said, we are going through a phase and we hope to make it.. yes HOPE. what else have we got. when you travel within the sub region you realize that with all our hardships, we are way better off than others but that doesn’t mean we should rest on our oars. we should strive to make Ghana a better nation. it is the only one we have.

on that note Kpakpo lemme sign off and i will write again soon.

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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