Strikes & Chale Wote

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

i have been extremely patient with the happenings in this country especially with the strikes ongoing. well, finally the recently grey haired first gentleman of the nation, the man from the savannah, had to say his fill and free his chest on the issues at stake. let’s just say that he didnt tow the line of the vice’s wife who screamed vehemently that she wont give today and give tomoroow in one of the most flowery ethnic languages of the nation. but at least he reasoned with the doctors that their claims had budgetarty implications.

honestly Kpakpo i think the doctors really wanted to prove a point that politicians were earning way more for obvioulsy no visible work done (since the country is now worse off than it used to be) and i think their justapostioning thier demands as against the politicians salary was proof enough.

now the university teachers have also gone on strike claiming some allowances. there are other small groups just waiting in the wings to join in the class act and take a swing at the government.

could also be my conspiratory mind working in overdrive.

there have been some interesting happenings in Tamale and me and a couple of friends have fantaszed just blocking one of the major roads in town on our own accord and seeing the reactions and news reports that are going to come from the south. the media do not do us proud at all and it is really sad. we have become like the proverbial Bethlehem in teh bible where nothing good comes ouf of.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, it has been such a long time since i came down south and it is not too appealing especially with the incidence of the dumsor in the south and the social pressures, traffic, pollution, noise, etc. Now up north we haev our own food courts, cinemas, and the other day i even went to a comedy show and a host of other entertainment places as exist in the south so we do not really miss it much. oh! lest i forget, there is this pizza joint whose pizza tastes better than their 9min 20s advert on radio..

anyemi i think when the guy was given the write up to use for the advert, instead of just taking a bit of it for the bare essentials, he didnt understand it and read the whole 3 pages as the advert. trust me, i have been listening to this advert after playing basketball all the way across town to get is the only advert i have heard where you listen to for the third time and you know the whole menu for the restaurant because he doesnt leave even one item. from starters, to main courses, to desserts and then trough  drinks, wine and spirits, with examples to pizza they are all there..

what a wow!

however i will be drawn south by the chale wote street festival coming up and it is one of the youth cultures that are springing up in this country that i would not miss. last year i had to miss saturday because of BarCamp Tamale but luckily this year the latter is a week early so i don’t have any crashes.

reminds me of the last time we met which was during the concert by Kubolor and friends at One Republic in Osu.

these are the kinda concerts they should be doing so discerning people can just enjoy rather than the noise these young people churn out these days full of sexual innuendos and ambiguity. they are such ephemeral sounds that only have a beat going for them and within a short time just fizzle out when a new beat comes on the scene. what can i say?

anyways Kpakpo, just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that i’m heading your way soon.

keep on keeping on and Ghana will overcome some day.

Your Cousin in Law

Savannah Boy


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