back in radio

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

i was in the capital for a few days and my feelings for the capital hasnt changed one bit i realized. however it is imperative to point out that i think the dumsor has gotten better. it is either that people are so used to it by now or that they see it as a blessing when they have uninterrupted power for all of 3 days. i believe the latter is the case.

the chale wote street festival this year was a carnival on its own and the crowds that were there was proof to this. it was big this year and the activities were so packed that it had to be spread into 3 days in different locations. the film festivals went to the Dubois Center, the seminars went to the Nebuke Foundation and the main art display, culture and exhibitions were at the original spot in Jamestown.

kpakpo, it was a time for meeting people and everybody had their reasons for being there and i for one was confused because being a social media addict i had more than my fair share of people i hadnt met and groups i was in meeting up there at various times requiring me to be in attandance. obviously i couldnt divide myself into many parts so i did what i could.

now this festival set me wondering though about if it was possible to have a thing like that in Tamale. the city has become very vibrant and the closest thing that we had to a general meet up was the Kesmi Fm Old Skuul Reunion which was heavily patronized but didnt meet as much hype its sister event in Accra. i’m praying that this year they do it again and then with the help of some of us from the south who have meddled a bit in organization of such events, it will be a bigger success than it has been.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, talking of the radio station, i have gone back to being a panelist on their morning show to discuss very social issues as they make the rounds. you know i was doing radio some time back when i moved into the savanna but i had to learn to curtail my being too candid on some issues after a sister radio station got burnt by irate youth for one of their panelists utterances. but i think it is better now. furthermore they have adopted thematic months which i think is a stroke of genius so that last month there was the customer service month and this month it is the mentorship month.

various guests are brought in every day as much as possible to share their life’s stories with regards to the theme whilst a studio panel is also there to discuss and aspect of the theme as the morning show host and his listeners raise the issues.

Kpakpo, the salary situation still remains the same but we have promises that our colleagues that picketed in Accra got the president’s attention and it will be resolved soon. let’s hope sooner than later cos sufferation dey inside.

any3mi, you know how it is. you brother must go find some food to eat so will sit back down and keep you posted on all that goes on here.

be well and keep keeping on.

your cousin in law,
Savannah Boy


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