Of Judges and the Eid

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

The last time I was walking through town one early morning and I saw two large buses parked in front of the central mosque with people gathered around them. I didn’t really need anybody to tell me that it was another season to perform one of the tenets of the Islamic faith which was to embark on the hajj to the holy land and these were the faithful ready to depart to Accra for further travel to Saudi Arabia and mecca to perform the rites as is required by the faith.

It was not too long after this sighting that our friend the international award winning ace investigator who hides his face behind a mask and a hat blew the lid on what he has been cooking for the past two years which was that the third realm of the estate was as gangrened as an infected wound in the fabric of the nation.

Kpakpo, the interesting thing is that I had just watched a video on a Nigerian television station where he had helped bust a ring of quack abortion doctors just as he did in Ghana with the doctor who conducted the abortion by penile insertion. How having sex with a person aborts their baby is still a mystery to me that I unfortunately will not have the chance to unravel. Sometimes how I wish I wasn’t tied to your sister so I could go back to my wild self and do some daring sexperiments.

Nii Kpakpo, the story of the judges really rocked the nation and with these guys in black robes being the highest in the land to adjudicate cases being this fallible in changing the course of justice for the price of a few cedis and a goat then where are we headed as a nation. To think that criminals are walking free because they bought their freedoms from the highest level is scary. It is not like we haven’t heard of policemen making dockets get lost and even high profile cases like the seized cocaine turning into kokonte (cassava powder) in police custody or is it the custody of the court. We will never know.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, so this led me to ask a simple question on twitter that has become a trending question worldwide oh. So I asked that if we were training our lawmakers very close to a market place, what was the guarantee that they won’t mortgage justice? Funny enough I can’t even claim to be the originator of this deep thought but something I found pretty profound and thought I should ask on a bigger platform and boy did it get big. I hear you former colleagues at that rival fm station were discussing it the other day on their morning show. Wow! Social media can be mean.

Social media has been mean to the judges especially with stories of how now you go to the market and instead of saying you wanna buy a goat you point to one and ask ‘how much is this judge?’. Also the seller now has a right to ask you where you are taking the judge to and to which court because the court will determine what kinda judge you take there.

I wonder how the judges in the savanna feel about this whole situation. My first take when the news broke out was that even if they want to prosecute these judges which court will they take them to because this was a clear cut case of he without sin cast the first stone but I learnt that there are judicial procedures and that it was unfair to throw the child out with the bathwater. With the hullabaloo about whether or not the tape should be shown, that has passed since the tape has been shown and like any other story in Ghana, it has started its decline.

Then a few days later more news comes of the death of the Muslim pilgrims dying in the ritual of stoning the devil in Mecca. Well, I am inclined to mischievously think that the devil and his minions have had enough of the stoning and decide to return those stones tossed at them in another way. However, as the news around the world has made us understand, it is not a singular event but every year people die in that particular ritual and in some years the death toll has been high and this was one of such years. When the news broke I wondered if the people I saw on those buses knew that something like that could happen to them and if they perish will that be the last time their family saw them.

Really sad!

Kpakpo to those who have died in the stampede in the holy land I wish Allah grants their souls a peaceful rest. The rest of us who are alive will go down on our knees and thank Allah for life whilst we do justice to the goats and livestock that were being dragged along everywhere prior to the Eid.

It was a common occurrence to see livestock being dragged along the road and some people carrying them on their motorbikes transporting them home. Also on the eve of the Eid, market women and children were in a hurry to get home to the surrounding villages to cook for the next day since it was a holiday. What this meant is that food joints wont really be open and bachelors had to pray that if they had girlfriends they will cook and send them some food before they starve to death. As for the ‘judges’ they graced the soup bowls in various forms.

Nii Kpakpo, the festivities go on throughout the weekend and I have my toothpick ready to keep chewing meat. As for the video of the judges I will wait till it gets here before I say anything about it.

Tll then be well and you are invited to my meat chunks. Happy Eid!

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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