The Rally

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

There is a lot to write on but lemme take it from the most recent and then work my way backwards to events that happened even whilst I was out of town. A lot seems to be happening in this my city oh. Like I told my followers on Facebook and I’ve been reiterating to anyone who will listen, Tamale is arguably the fastest developing city in Ghana now and invariably the problems of being a metropolis such as pressure on social amenities and waste management.

Metropolitan authorities have the arduous task of keeping everything and everybody in check and I’m sure it has been an overwhelming task for the executive. Furthermore now government has to allocate nor resources to the region considering that it intends to bridge the gap between the north and the south in various aspects including education and social amenities. This is particularly true with the influx of more Southerners relocating up north.

Kpakpo, the ruling government has the northern region down pat when it comes to influence mostly because the current president has his roots here coexist a man of the soil. He’s also considered a man of the people and every time he comes this way for both official and partisan duties he’s given such a rousing welcome.

So imagine when the ruling party held a rally in Tamale as a prelude to their delegates conference in a few weeks. The whole town was agog with preparations for the rally since the region is predominantly very skewed towards the ruling party.

Chale! Come and see young men and women tweaking their motorbikes to take out the exhaust sound mufflers so the bikes will make noise when they ride them. This was a pretty common feature plus also to see bikes and cars also bedecked in party colors and party flags just displaying their dexterity on the bikes and showing off driving skills. The noise in town is crazy and the reckless abandon for safety and precaution makes it even dangerous to be a pedestrian in times like this.

Nii Kpakpo what that means is that the security services have to form a joint force to ensure the peace within the community especially with the head of state visiting tho region to attend the rally. Security was pretty tight and deservedly so to protect government officials attending the rally.

Any3mi come and see bus loads of people arriving at the Jubilee Park for the rally. From early in the morning various groups of people from throughout the various districts in the northern region arrived at the venue in buses so overloaded there were people siting on top of these buses. For the kinda roads that exist in some of these areas I shudder to think of the safety of these passengers who sat on the roof of the buses. There was one particular bus that caught my interest as well as others because the musicians were on top of the bus whilst the rest of the passengers were inside the bus singing. Even when they got to the rally grounds the musicians remained on top of the bus still playing whilst the passengers disembarked still singing which drew attention to them and some onlookers clapping at the spectacle.

In the midst of all this was the tradition and culture on display. It was such a pretty sight to see dignitaries arrive amidst drumming and dancing by woman clad in tee shirts in support of whoever and mostly the president’s emblazoned on the front of the shirts. Traditional drummers and praise singers just start going towards anybody they thought they could get a few cedis from and vigorously played the drums to get the person’s attention. It is such a privileged to seem to have you’re own entourage usher you in and many people will give a few currency notes to have that feeling.

Finally the president arrives amidst the noise of the sirens and his motorcade is mobbed with supporters. During his address to the teeming crowd of party faithful he emphasized that he was overwhelmed by the reception the townsfolk had given him all the way from the airport to the venue of the rally. In total it had taken 3 hours to get to the rally grounds, a journey that ordinarily would take just about 20minutes with the motorcade.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, the president’s ride had been a different kinda motorcade the true kind where the whole town of youth bands had ridden their motorbikes out to the airport to meet him and had provided the escort, in addition to the official escort, making it seem like a whole town on wheels thus slowing down the ride to the rally grounds and making it a procession instead. The security forces were at their wits end but to the people up here this was a homecoming by a son of the soil.

The president’s speech at the rally was really inspiring and he reiterated that anyone could be what they set their minds to do provided they had a passion for what they were doing. Thats how come a boy like him, from a hamlet in Bole, could rise to become president of a great nation like Ghana. Dreams do come through and it is important to strive to make them a reality.

The aim of the rally was to assure party faithful that the government will continue to ensure and promote its development agenda for the nation. Kpakpo, our man did what he does best in promising that he will ensure that the people keep their faith in him if given the mandate of another term. This was met with tremendous applause from the crowd to the party slogan of “eye zu! eye za!”

So paddy that’s it. The ruling party came to have a successful rally in Tamale and no clashes were experienced. Sometimes I’m taken aback when some journalists just go fishing for stories of unrest up here in the north and will brew a storm out of two people having a political argument even when they’re on the same side. Politics shouldn’t divide us as a people but rather should bring us together to share ideas to the betterment of our country Ghana. After all it is Ghana first.

Kpakpo, I know this is one of my longest letters to you but trust me I had to truncate it. There is so much to say especially when it comes to such events but I’ll await you’re questions for clarification on anything I said in this letter.

You take care and I’ll write again soon.

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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