The African Winter

Dear Nii Kpakpo,
It is here again my brother it is here. The one most dreaded season up here in the savanna. Oh yes please your guess is as good is mine and to leave you clues it’s the season with the most ghosts in the savanna,

Kpakpo yes its the harmattan. This is the season where people walk around with globules of Shea butter in their noses just to reduce the dryness and the nosebleeds and if your nose is as big and funnellike like mine then you have to invest a small fortune in the purchase of Shea butter including the one that you will use on your body too.

Any3mi this year it started pretty slow then all of a suddenly woke up one morning and you were lucky to even see your fingers when you hold it out in front of you. Well,  I know you know thats pretty much an exaggeration but the fog this year is so thick that one can’t see after twenty to fifty meters ahead of the road and all the buildings and people walking in the street have become shrouded in the fog hence become ghostly. Now it’s not like at first where the weather settled on the skin when one wasn’t too careful but this time it is the whole atmosphere looking whitish.

Nii Kpakpo did you hear that flights to Tamale have been grounded due to poor visibility? Why not? Honestly I’m not surprised. At the kinda speeds plane fly and you cant see even fifty meters ahead of you pretty much spells doom to me.

Annoyingly however with this kinda weather you expect a drop in temperature but temperatures remain above thirty during the day and hit pretty lows of like 21 degrees at night. Some areas even record under 20 degrees and these are the typical wooded areas that get pretty cold between 7pm and 8 am in the morning.

Oh! That daughter of the soil in DC who visited recently says she’d take a weather like that any day as compared to the cold winter she went back to meet. She says the weather is now in tandem with the people around her – cold. See the number of shootings that have made the news recently from that part of the world but well, what is our concern my brother. 

You also know that our barefoot non dross wearing genius of a brother also has a song titled “Help Amerika” in the album where he’s sleeping with a sheep?  Like I asked wetin concern me self?

So Kpakpo as for me I’m walking around with pounds of Shea butter in my nose and I’m constantly washing my face to get the dust off my face and out of my eyes. The weather is not favorable too for my allergies and I know I have to start aromatherapy and get all peutic on myself else by the time this weather ends, I might be ending too. All it takes is being careful and I see on the various social media platforms people are spreading education on how to handle this “African Winter”.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson yes African Winter oh. The term was coined by Kwame ,our friend who just got back on assignment from Gabon and already report writing makes him wish that he had more hours in a day. Dude says he spent most of his days indoors but seeing the white ghosts of this African winter is very ghostly. With winter elsewhere everything is white whilst with African winter only the weather and the people are whitish – not even white. Makes the humans look like ghouls in daylight.

Boss, it’s your sister’s birthday and I’ll do the usual wishing her on social media and rally her friends to show love then I’d whisk her away to some hideout location, I’m looking at Brong Ahafo, and spend weekend with her. Chale it’s a coded location but you know I’ll broadcast it over my social media sites so when I go out of communication area just know that I have put up a sign that says “Men @ Work”.

Enjoy the long weekend Kpakpo and long live our farmers. Happy Farmers Day!

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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