Drobo Road Trip

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So in my last letter I told you about the road trip to hideaway in Techiman to mark your sister’s birthday since she insisted on seeing what it was like for me on these Ghana Travel tours. Well,  she got a firsthand feel of my abrupt spontaneity when I made a call to one of my friends who had left Accra to visit her mother in their village barely 4 hours away from our location so I told your sister we were going to spend the day with this mutual friend.

Our friend is what you’d call a typical village gal brought and raised in the rural area and relocated to Accra. But albeit the pressures and influences of city life she has still retained her rural identity and is a person greatly admired by a lot of people in the city not only for her personality but also for her ability to whip out very rural dishes in her kitchen using ingredients as if she was cooking in her village backyard.

Food to tantalize your palate and send your emotions and taste buds back to grandma. It’s no wonder when the BBC wanted to do a story m blending rural and urban cuisine her name came up and she was featured in the BBC story.

Kpakpo your sister is one interesting character. You should have seen her eyes brighten up when I said we were going on another road trip. So off we went to take a taxi for the first leg of three of the trip.

Techiman to Sunxani
Sunyani to Berekum
Berekum to Drobo.

Chale it didn’t come as a surprise to me that your ever cautious sister when it comes to money didn’t talk of how we were going to finance the road trip. I’ve always been trying to tell her that the fun involved in such spontaneous trips can never be quantified and even if one hits a snag, getting out for it was part of the fun. This was an opportunity to see a part of Ghana she hadn’t been before and she wasn’t ready to pass this one up.

The road trip was uneventful until we were told to get down at Jini Jini since our host was waiting there to take us to a program. As soon as we got out of the taxi we were whisked off in another car down a pretty dusty nondescript road into a settlement we were told was the hometown of the former electoral commissioner of Ghana. Oh man! These “big men” indeed neglect their homesteads but who am I to say?

What was the occasion?  It was the ordination of the new district Catholic priest and all the churches had come together for mass. So inadvertently we went to church on Sunday and stayed the whole time.

After service it was a tough call getting a direct car to Drobo so a friend had to drive as back to Berekum to take a car and that’s where we were told that the road to the town was so bad and the drivers didn’t want to drive that road since it gave their cars problems. But one driver decided to take us and seeing we were obviously tourists, even including our host who had lived in the area most of her life, he gave us insights and filla into happenings on the roads and the various town culture.

Kpakpo the guy reveled us with story after story of what happened in one town after the next, his own personal experiences, dealing with people in and around the towns and also the youth culture in relation to life in the big city like Accra, since he’d lived in the big city for a while. He even gave an interesting rendition of how to point out wealthy people based on the designs of their buildings. Most of the finest buildings around the area have absentee owners. Very interesting journey indeed.

Finally we were home. It was obvious that the planned return trip would now become a sleepover. It was time to hit town and see what the pubs had to offer. From the little I saw, I know one thing for sure that I’m keeping a lookout for when the town has their festival or any occasion that warrants some kinda homecoming and I’d be there to share in the fun..

Nii Kpakpo Thompson so that’s the gist of the spontaneous road trip we undertook. We were told whilst we were walking home, excited and tired from our night outing, that we were going to spend the next day at the family farm before we left later in the evening. For city dwellers this was exciting especially for me since I wanted to have a first hand experience of what goes on in a typical village farm the whole day.

Any3mi don’t get too excited to imagine how a typical city dweller fares on a village farm. Your sister was in her elements walking through the farm delicately like she was on a catwalk.

All in my next letter.
Till then I still remain

You’re Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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