Parable of The Twins

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I’ve been drumming it into you and the people down south’s head that the savanna is gradually catching up with the south and that marginalization that hitherto existed is gradually phasing off. Inasmuch as people down south still think we’re living  in a dusty grassland, the systems up here are fast evolving both socially and especially culturally. As for the infrastructure you’d be amazed at what has been achieved here.

Kpakpo, businesses are moving up here especially the private financial institutions and even schools. With most people down south looking for relocation destinations, Tamale is setting itself up strategically to accommodate the people from the south with whatever they’re bringing, even their taste buds, in whatever – food, fashion, housing, you name it.

But that is just by the way. Recently a native of the savanna who happens to be a minister was accused of over spending on an event be when put in a spot he quoted a savanna proverb that caused the first shock wave this new year. Kpakpo we’re not counting the “Guantanamo fuo wo krom” because that one is a carry on from last year.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson but the man is right in what he said and I quote:

“You don’t threaten a woman who has given birth to twins with a big dick.”  (Dagomba proverb)
– Haruna Idrisu, Ghanaian Minister of State, January 2016.

Any3mi it is important to understand the cultural background of this proverb to really see its true meaning. What a mother of twins has to go through to be accepted by Dagomba society. http://

So you see, the minister blurted it out on one of the leading radio stations to the shock and chagrin of listeners, is proof that our cultures and society are gradually merging. Had it been an akan proverb I’m sure there wouldn’t be too much fuss or even a Swahili proverb. But that it is from the north and the mode and circumstances under which it was delivered ensured its being a knockout punch.

Kpakpo, there are more proverbs with equally heavy punchlines and I have a feeling that this year being an election year (don’t pronounce it like you’re from the golden state) we’d hear more. Our cultures are merging and the gap is reducing considerably. Ghana as a nation is going to realize its full potential as the black star of Africa.

I still have hope.

Lemme end here Kpakpo and will write again to keep you up to speed on events in the savanna.

I still remain
Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy.


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