Events here and there

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Last year was quite the year for our political parties to do Congresses to prepare for elections this year and we both know how last year ended characterized by violence in both parties with acid pouring and acts of vandalism speckled all over the political sphere.

Oh! And the attendant propaganda that comes with these cats of violence.

Indeed our political parties have now resorted to whatever ways and means but any3mi nd I still wonder if any one of them really has the country at heart. Every election year promises upon promises are made to the people by the electorate and then their votes are “bought” and it is interesting that the plebiscite forget their pain for the previous four years when they go to the polls because some are bussed to the polling station in comfort. The higher ups in the party hierarchy especially when you’re encumbent sit in brand new cars.

Oh! Of course branded buses branded with state money.

Kpakpo somewhere in one of my letters to you I thought I mentioned that it was gonna get worse this year especially being an election year. We will hear promises upon songbird promises. That is to say politicians are going to be a choral litany of promises and there will be cacophony of accusations flying left right centre interspersed with mudslinging so thick like Nutella. But just as the product, it will sound sweet to the ears and most of the plebiscite will fall for it again.

Up here in the savanna our sitting president does no wrong. People will rant vehemently about the government being inept at managing our affairs as a state but remind them that “our brother” is the head of that government and they sigh, shake their head and just groan. I really have to commend the parliamentary representatives of the government and the party functionaries for this feat of keeping the savanna wired for the brother with the constant promises and once in a while a show of gratuitous fortitude by spreading fiscal cash to keep the political machinery rolling. Every evening bands of young people and older people are seen parked on street corners strategizing how to keep the people happy.

I’ve been writing this letter so long that I had even forgotten I had it in draft but events have proven that indeed the encumbent party is not going to sit down and be dethroned just like that.

But by whom?

Any3mi! as for the main opposition party I have no words for them and the other parties I’d say they should try harder.

Well Lemme put this story to bed once and for all and find the other letter I was writing to you before I discovered this was in draft.

Oh! You know you will definitely hear from me soon.

I still remain
Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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