Kenkeyfest Catch Up

Dear Nih Kpakpo ,

It’s been so long since I wrote you a letter from this side of  town and boy don’t I have plenty to tell you. But I guess I’ve been a lazy truant in keeping you go the loop with what’s going down with me maybe because I saw you at the Kenkey festival and you really had your fingers wet and digging into that soft Kenkey right in the heart of Jamestown, one of the ancestral homes of the Ga Kenkey.

Chale did you see the video of you and how you nailed that interview on how much you love to eat Kenkey? That was epic.

But that was a good day and I met long lost friends and made new ones. Met my idol photographer Yaw Pare at the event that yes emceed by my old school mate Nana Kofi Arthur. Oh what a day!

Nii Kpakpo do you know that the dokun I bought from here in the Savannah was the main attraction at the site and lucky me to be a history buff people were asking about the origins of that brand for me to tell them that there was a correlation between our fante neighbours and those up here. Obviously it also showed how food didn’t know borders and wasn’t limited to one particular ethnic group.

Food is a culture on its own.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson having publicized the festival here in the north and my friends seeing how successful it went they are now clamoring for crying festival here in Tamale. Maybe we will do a waakye festival or use Tz but we’ll see how that goes.

People come here and sample all kinds of food and maybe I’d do a survey and find out which of the food is most popular to be celebrated and then do a festival for it.

For now it’s back to business as usual and being an election year folks are just waiting for the political gurus to deliver their four year cycle of gifts to endorse the mandate to stay in power. You urban people stay in the south and make all the noise whilst these simple folk will just grab an opportunity with two hands, head and both feet.

Any3mi that’s another topic for another day but for now I’m glad I just got the courage to write to reestablish our connection.

Till you hear from me again, I still remain

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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