phenomenal woman

Dear Nii Kpalpo,

yesterday after my therapy session in the rain (2 on 2 pickup basketball game) my friend Bambieu Dumbil asked me to accompany her to go take her dress for an event this morning.  Immediately I got there I waited outside and she went in to get the dress from her seamstress and they both came out.

Anyemi, standing outside I realised the car parked outside had a “VANDAL forever” sticker on the windshield and I was elated as just a week ago we’d inaugurated the Tamale Chapter of the Old Vandals Association so I was just anxious to meet the occupants of the house.

So first question I asked when they walked out was who the owner of the car was and she said it was her hubby Mr Joe who came out when he heard his name. I greeted and asked if he was a Vandal to which he replied that he’d gotten the car from someone who was and intended to take the sticker down to which I impressed on him not to take it off because the sticker meant anybody driving that car had some values which I outlined and he  nodded.

Chale then my friend remembered her manners and introduced me as Kola Nut. Wow! The seamstress exclaimed. “This is Kola Nut in the flesh? But he looks too simple. Please are you not the writer?”

Honestly Kpakpo,  I didn’t know what she expected but I was really impressed. She almost knocked my socks off when she said “Oh you’re Kofi Larbi and that’s where the Kola comes from”. Countless times I’ve had people ask me where the Kola comes from and had to explain it to them but this young woman had it off the bat just like that.

Man I was impressed.

Something profound hit me my brother. Social media is bigger than any of us and for those of us who think its only just social media watch out. To the young one posting stuff and thinking “Oh I’m only fooling because it is Facebook” people are watching and forming perceptions of you based on yo social media presence. You can pretend all you want but who you really are is what comes out of you.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson to the young woman I met yesterday  (and all the young married women)I know you’re reading this. Please thank you for the compliment and it’s for people like you that some of us write. Everyday we know you’re out there and even though you don’t reveal yourselves to us, you keep us on our toes as writers and inspire us to help create a better world.

That you’re very smart is an understatement and I know you’ll use that to be a change maker not only to yo immediate family  of hubby and children but please don’t let anything stop you from pursuing yo dreams.

You’re phenomenal women.

This is also dedicated to all the women and mothers out there.



Anyemi till I come your way again I still remain

Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy


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